In 5 days time

So I think I’ve got nearly everything now… I just need one of those pacsafe camera/passport etc holder, seems sensible

Mum and me went shopping for everything yesterday and well, I think we may have over done it…

Bless mum, she’s obviously worried about me going and we were both having little panics about what to get to the point where I think mum bought the whole of boots, and conversations went in the way of ‘which mosquito head net do you think you’ll need, because we need to think about weight and the fact that you’re claustrophobic, in fact just get them both’


But in the end I’m pretty much set now I think and I’ll get everything that needs to go back ready in a heap, tbh it worked out pretty well,

Packed my bags and weighed it all today too, my limit is 20kg for the Galapagos flight, so that’s what I’m going on and minus paperwork and daysack it came to 15 kg!? I was expecting double that when I laid it all out! So pretty chuffed, now it’s just a game of tetris to try and fit it all in the bag!!!!

So yeah, 5 days to go, gonna go down to London on Saturday afternoon I think, I bet I’ll get half way there and realise I’ve left something mildly important at home… Say I don’t know, my passport? I can just see it happening!

So yesterday I went for a meal with Ellen and the Family at Thr3 kind of a goodbye thing I guess, it was nice to see everyone again; I really do miss working there! 😦

Then tomorrow after Explorers I’m having a little do, just so I can see everyone before I go, then at some point hopefully I’ll see Steve and go for a 2 for 1 massage! But we’ll see how that goes! Oh, and in between that I’m packing, writing all my info out for me, mum and whoever needs it and just doing all those bits and bobs that you keep saying to yourself you’ll do closer to the time, (so basically everything!)

Anyways a random ramble again, mainly because I found this panorama photo thing on my computer today and wanted to test it out so I took a panoramic of my room in ‘SA prep stage 1’ though it looks a bit rubbish, hey ho 🙂

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