I’m in Miamy babyyy!

Okay so first of all just to say I’m writing this on my kindle so apologies for the lack of punctuation (not that it was my strong point anyway!) right now I’m sat in sunny Miami airport waiting for my connection flight to Quito.

So got on the plane after a ridiculously early start (at least for someone who’s had lie-ins for the last 6 months!) anyway, I made friends with the couple opposite who were off to Miami for a cruise for the mans 50th Birthday tomorrow, so that was nice and when we were off the plane they walked with me to passport control where we somehow ended up in the only queue that didn’t move, so we swapped to the next one where the guy (who I later found out was called Gonzalez which made my day!)Decide to walk off!? Its fun though here all the security guards shout cheesy lines and I dunno maybe its the accent but I like it. The best was the American guy at security shouting ‘if its more than 50ml drink it! Go on DOWN IT!’ in a friendly way…

Anyway after all that I’m ready for my plane hopefully my baggage will meet me there and though it wont be there, its gonna be 2am for me so think I’ll sleep this flight!

Adios! X

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