Los hombres correos…

So that’s basically all the Spanish I knew before I got here (and itsprettygramaticallyincorect! ) and after 5 minutes of pure agony in a cafe I managed to order a drink ask forthewi fi code and ask for a menu. Woo! You guys proud?haha   So Miami to Quito…   By this point I was pretty tired so slept for a lot of the flight but I’m so glad I got a window seat. I watched the sunset and then saw the most amazing moon rise ever. I wish I had got a picture but my camera was in the overhead storage… It was gorgeous, the pilot did an overheadannouncementthinngy and even the stewardesses seemed impressed. Then after another very deep sleep I woke up as we started to fly over the mountains to Quito. By this point it was pitch black and there were thick clouds beneath us and then there was just a small gap in the clouds and it was amazing. It looked like we were above a volcano. The ground was pitch black apart from the streets that were in this really deep orange light and it just looked like lava running down the mountains. Then the cloud would cover the view again and a minute later it would clear to give another completely different view. I just can’t explain how much I loved it. It was just gorgeous and it just didn’t seem real! It kind of looked like a toy town or something when the clouds were gone. So anyway I hope I get some more flights like that! When I landed I went through passport control (so different from Miami I swear they didn’t even check my passport pic looked like me!) and then I found the taxi man waving my name on a pole and got taken to my host family.     Carmen (the owner of the house) gave me a massive hug and welcomed me in. She speaks very little English and my Spanish is horrendous so I just smiled nodded and followed.haha as she took me to myroomArmi, who I had chatted to on Facebook, came out her room and said a quick “hi” but in English time it was 4 am or something crazy by this point so my response was a bit slow! Anyway. Carmen took me to my room. There were two bunk beds and there was a guy (Mikael) just lying on his bed with his laptop and Carmen then went on to say lots of things in very fast Spanish and I was tired and just had no clue what she was saying so Mikaeljustchillin on his bed translated, which made me both extremely jealous and impressed! So I met Mikael. He’s from Stockholm in Sweden and speaks ridiculously good English and Spanish and seems to have been everywhere.   I met everyone else in the morning…  Armi from Canada who I had spoken to before   Suzie from America   Jenni from Ipswich   Natalia from Poland who speaks amazing Spanish   And thenyesterdayRianne joined us too.   My first Spanish class was so embarrassing. Its one to one and I felt like such an idiot knowing nothing! ~ Though she said my accent was good!   What else? Oh met two guys at the Spanish school living at different host family, one of which is on the tour with me in may which is nice. All the girls went out in the evening to an Irish bar which was lovely, its great having so many of us staying in this home.Its very easy to head out in a group this way!   So now everyone is at their morning Spanish lessons but just for today mine is in the afternoon so I’m just sat inacoffee house with my kindle (hence the lack of capital letters and punctuation ~ sorry guys!) so that’s me now. I think I’ll go to the Spanish school at the end of their lessons and join them for lunch and then I can head back after my lesson with Natalia.     So there you go guys, 🙂 love it here. Still have no clue of most of the places but I’m getting there. One thing I really do miss though… Real coffee!

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