Ladies night, Cotopaxi and the Middle of the Earth!!

I’ve worked out you cant go anywhere in Quito without hearing Black Eyed Peas, its crazy! Wednesday Night is Ladies night in Quito, free entry and free drinks and for me, free chicken!!

Spanish lessons are going well I think? I´m slowly managing to understand errm about 10% of what people are saying?haha Love it.

And well, Thursday happened, we were all pretty tired… Then Friday happened, we went to a really nice French restaurant for lunch – $4.50 for a 4-course meal! Jenni and Dan then took us to see one of the markets that they´d visited earlier that day in their lesson which was just full of fruit, I mean everywhere. The plan after that was to go to the other market, with jewellery and clothes and bracelets and bags and all that but after about an hours searching we gave up, we had a bit of an early night since we had to get up so early for Cotopaxi on Saturday…

Saturday 5:45 – I have never wanted to stay in bed so much in my life!!! I was so so so tired; we (Jenni, Armi, Susie, Rianne, Natalia and me) were out the door for 6:30am to meet the tour guide at 7,

So when we got there, there was no tour guide, and after a few minutes a guy joined us and asked what tour we were on, he was meant to be going on the trip to Mitad del Mundo but there was only him so his trip got cancelled, he´d already been to Cotopaxi but when the tour guide arrived he decided to join us since he´d got nothing else to do anymore, so that’s Brian, a history teacher from America. There was also another guy called Alfonzo? Or something like that – from Brazil.

So we set off up to Cotopaxi – a snow capped active volcano – in this landy style Toyota, picked up some bikes on the way and made our way into Cotopaxi national park, we stopped off at a museum for a bit with a MASSIVE stuffed vulture then went for an Empanada and ´Te de Coca´.

When we got to the car park we set off walking up to the cafe at 4800m, by this point I swear there was no oxygen so we took it pretty slow – I say slow some of the girls powered away and if I’d gone at that pace I would not have made it – but we got there in the end, more Te de coca, soup and fruit… Then we carried on up in the snow, we started off as 7 and by the time we reached 5000 m there was 3, Me, Armi and Rianne, 😀 we then set off walking back to the car park which was pretty fun, basically sliding down a massive hill which once out of the snow was very, very sandy, then all but one got on the bikes and started heading back down the volcano, after about a minute I realised I didn’t really have any breaks, then a few others realised they didnt have breaks or suspension or gears that changed, but hey ho. The bike ride down was AMAZING! Such views and the lack of breaks meant you really did have to just tank it down! It was such a great day,

We got back at about 7, then later in the evening met up with the guys and went out to an Irish bar, then some disco place and ended up at a karaoke bar, all the songs being sung were Spanish and it was a really weird atmosphere but once we got the mic it was good. We had a bit of an early night since some of us were going to the middle of the world in the morning!

So we got up the next morning pretty late and headed off for Mitad del Mundo at about 10, by we I mean Me, Susie, Rianne and Armi.

So we went to the middle of the earth and had our pictured taken etc had a look around the shops then left for the biggest lunch I’ve had so far, I simply couldn’t finish it, and what is with the avocados out here!?! They´re everywhere!!!!!

After this we then went to the OTHER middle of the world (apparently Army GPS actually pinpointed the exact middle and it was 200m down the road so there’s a separate museum for there) we got to watch the water go in opposite directions on the northern and southern hemisphere, try to walk down the line with our eyes closed, try and balance an egg on a nail (you got a certificate if you did it and was gutted when I couldn’t especially since Armi did it straight away!!!) this place was pretty cool, we got to see shrunken heads, boa constrictors and a load of other Amazon animals and then got to see some tribal dancing which then the guy came over and grabbed me, Armi and Susie to join in! We really were horrendous!

So anyway, I’m back home now, a bit sun burnt and watching the wedding planner with everyone, my eyes are closing on me right now and I’m shattered so think I’ll have an early night tonight. I´ve got Spanish classes in the morning and an orientation for the Galapagos in the afternoon so we´ll see how that goes,

Hasta luego, 🙂

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