Fail Day!

Okay so today was Fail Day.

The Day started out well, we went to school with a plan to have classes, get a bite to eat, and then go to Salsa Classes at the School…

Classes are meant to finish at 12:30 but Jenni´s finished ten minutes late so we only had 20 min before classes started. So we went to coffee and toffee and they said 5-8 min for sandwiches, 20 minutes later they arrived, so we didn’t finish eating until 1:15… The Salsa class starts at 1…

So we went back to the Spanish school and he said the group had left and gave us the address of the salsa school and after 10 minutes we gave up trying to find the place and went back to coffee and toffee for the best deserts EVER!

We then met up with Luke Dan and Sandra and went for our planned picnic in the park. We bought a load of food from Supermaxi and headed into park Carolina where once we sat down we were joined by a random man who kept asking Sandra for food and then sat there talking to himself in Spanish…

In the end we decided to move, he followed so we moved faster till he´d gone, the plan was to go to the snake museum place thing but then the man appeared again! So it took a while to shrug him off and we sat down to finish our picnic next to the water pedalos

Do pedalos in Wales have two propellers??

So then we went to find the snake museum and asked a few randomers who directed towards the museum. Once we got in we realized it was the natural something museum filled with pretty interesting stuff but no live snakes…

Then home, I think that bit went okay…

Then we all went out to go Ice Skating (me, Jenni, Natalia, Rianne, Susie, Beth, Dan, Luke, Mikael) only to find there was an Ice Hockey match on, so we decided to go Bowling, after 4 lanes breaking on us (I didn’t mind every time I missed all the pins it gave me 5 points! woooo!) we gave up on that, we decided the cinema was pushing our luck as it would probably blow up or be in Greek, or god knows what, so we went upstairs (this was in a big shopping complex BTW) and got ice cream! Now this bit was good! 🙂

Oh yeah then whilst we were there David rang Mikael to see where he was as David was outside our flat wanting to go out and as he was on the phone to Mikael someone nicked his phone out of his hand!

So that made the day a bit better :/

We then went home and us girls decided to watch a film… Broke Back Mountain since I haven’t seen it before, so 2 minutes in we realize its still in Spanish, so we try and change it and the TV doesn’t let us, so we went for pride and prejudice but by this point we were all pretty tired and couldn’t be bothered with a film where you actually had to watch so on came some horror movie which ended with screaming and Susie leaving the room… Then the family came home so we just gave up. Went to bed and I´m now waiting for a new, better day…

So No salsa

So Snakes

No Skating

No Bowling

No phone for Dave

No Broke Back Mountain

No Energy.

Fail Cake of a day.

But hey, i’m still in south america! Things are still pretty damn good! 😛

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