Loco Loco Locooooo :)

Okay so Tuesday was defiantly a fail day,

Wednesday we went out again for LADIES NIGHT! (Man I’m gonna miss that!) That was a pretty fun night, made a Japanese friend we couldn’t get rid of, danced and danced and danced and took lots of pictures, Rianne made a friend who for the next three hours every time he saw me went ´where´s Rianne gone?? Oops? haha

Yeah I liked that night 🙂 Oh and we went to Uncle Ho´s (I LOVE HO´s) for lunch and I had the BEST pork kebab ever, 3 courses for $5 – you really cant beat that!

We spent Wednesday afternoon at the market, it was gorgeous, and we all ended up buying a pair of ‘fat mans’ as Jenni calls them, ‘Traditional’ South American trousers that absolutely no locals wear. They’re bright and stripy and just so comfy! (turns out mine didn’t fit so I exchanged them on Thursday)

Thursday was pretty similar, we got back from the Spanish school and we all got into our new fatmans after school and a meal and then at 9 ish we dragged ourselves back out again, Natalia hadn’t been out the night before so we wanted to take her out but there we were all sat watching a film in what are basically PJ´s at 9, so by 9:30 we were out the door and found a ´posher´ club which was having its ladies night on Thursday… People kept offering us to skip the queue but we weren’t sure why so we left it and when we got in it was pretty awesome, the walls had that crazy wall paper with velvet patterns on and you could go upstairs if you were a lady where there was a free bar and you could look over the dance floor, when we got there the music was the usual black eyes peas and us hits but then it went all Spanish and slowly we got tired and as soon as we were about to give up the music we knew came back on, every time we were getting bored of the Spanish it would do this until 2am, tbh I preferred bungalow but it was a good laugh, a bit loco and some *ahem* interesting dancing going on!hhaha but yeah

So Friday morning we were all packed (except Luke!) and went to school with all our stuff for the beach! Woo!

We finished classes, picked up Natalia, Sandra and Rianne and headed to the boys flats where Luke had run ahead to pack his bag, after almost giving Jenni a panic attack and starting to get me that way too with 5 minutes before we were meant to be there the boys came strolling out of their flat and we power walked to the station, It was an 8 hour journey with one good film (though pretty gory for a family bus trip!) – Law Abiding Citizen, and then one I slept through.

For most of the journey it was raining and thunder and on the high roads in the middle of nowhere we basically came to a stand still as there was a tree on the road, then another one, then another one, until basically half the trees on the side of the road were down, a woman said she´s been doing this trip for 53 years and never seen it this bad! Usually threes just one or two down but it added and extra 2 hours onto our trip!

So basically Jenni and me put our fatmans on, ate pistachio nuts and chilled. 🙂

When we finally got there we needed a taxi to the hostel we were recommended, the taxi´s turned out to be like the Chuckle Brothers Car but with a motor, so much fun! Then after a long load of Spanish Natalia got us the rooms for $9 each and we went out for a meal. It took 50min for them to make a salad. :/ Not happy.

So we all just stayed in the guys room for a bit, got to bed around 2 ish then set off the next morning for the BEACH! After breakfast we headed down, the guys set up a game of penalty shoot out which was pretty fun even if I couldn’t kick the ball half the time and soon we were joined by a random Ecuador boy who basically didn’t leave us alone for the whole day, he got a bit annoying especially when I stepped on him in the sea after he snuck up and swam beneath us!

The waves were MASSIVE so I spent so long jumping into them but then I tried to lie flat whilst one passed and it knocked my glasses off my face! 😦 So they were gone and I had to buy a new pair…

We then went on a kind of banana boat ride thing but in more of a boat than banana which I loved (the other two girls not so much) but it ripped my legs to pieces, then we followed with a tour around the bay, I decided to jump in again with Luke and guess what? I forgot to take my glasses off my head so that was the second pair of shades gone in a day! You know, just thought I’d keep to my tradition!

So it wasn’t a very lucky day for me really,

2 pairs of sunglasses

Oh and I dropped all my mango in the sand

A bit of sunburn

Rashes from the ride

A quick trip to the ´Hospital´ (nothing serious)

And a stubbed to which put me right over the edge!

The evening was better though, after a really nice meal we headed to the rooms and played a load of card games, poor Jenni got taken down by Irish Snap! Then out to the bars on the beach, they had the BEST coconut juice thing ever we went back for them in the morning, so lots of dancing and singing and just generally a good night of course followed by a stroll on the beach and for a finally Luke. Quite drunk Luke to be precise… For his sake I´ll leave it there but man it was funny!

So headed back on Sunday, I think I read most of the way back (you proud mum? 😛 ) and went for a late night pizza back in Quito, afterwards we said goodbye as Dan was heading off to the Amazing with Jenni and Mikael was off on the 29 day tour, everyone was going :´(

Monday morning Jenni left pretty early and I went for my orientation etc came back and was stuck outside my flat for 2 and a half hours as Carmen didn’t give me a key! So that stuffed my plans for the rest of the day, when I finally got in I started packing for the Galapágos then AS new girl Launa came in and had not got her bags as they´d gotten mixed up on her flights, then Richards another older new guy came home and said he´d had his bag nicked with all his cards and Itinerary for a years travelling in it, then the power went out for a few hours so it got pretty hectic, In the end Launa went back to the airport in the night and got all her bags so that was nice, the house felt a bit weird without Armi and Jenni, but I leave tomorrow morning so all’s good, so gonna get some rest now I get picked up for the airport at 6:30 am tomorrow so that should be errrm fun??haha



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