Everybody knows the Ice Cream man!

Mosaics made by an American resident who owns a lovely hotel on the coast :)
Mosaics made by an American resident who owns a lovely hotel on the coast 🙂

So a lovely 6:30 start for my on Tuesday to go to the airport for the GALAPAGOS! Woo!

I started by getting in the wrong queue for passport control but after a bit of Spanglish I got through…

One thing that I wasn’t told is where my plane was going so I had a bit of a shock when I landed in Guaquill!! But it was all-good I stayed on and it finally took me to Santa Cruz!

Getting of the plane I met a girl also getting off called Ami, she´s from panama, 26, travelling by herself, so we just chatted whilst we were getting our bags etc turns out she´s not doing tours because she´s a tour guide herself in panama and gets so sick of it!haha she got on a separate bus to me though so then I was met by Monica (a local) who just helped me get my bags on the bus (well me actually she basically had to push me on to squeeze on!) who it turns out owns a farm and need volunteers so I have her number in case I find myself on sta Cruz in 3 weeks with some spare time!

After a coach ride and a very rainy boat journey I arrived at sta Cruz and was met by my taxi driver and Eduardo my guide who showed me Los Gemos – massive pits in the ground where the ground has collapsed from hollow bubbles of gas, pretty cool ey? And then to Santa Rosa where we went to see some Giant tortoises in the wild etc…

It turns out my hostel is actually like a castle and for my first few days here I had the turret! It was amazing! I had a hammock and two floors, a balcony and a MASSIVE bathroom! So so cool! It was a bit out of town but it really didn’t matter, after dropping my bags Eduardo showed me where I get my free meals, (very nice BTW) and after he asked if I´d like to be shown round the Charles Darwin station,

Turns out Eduardo I part time working for volunteer companies like mine and part time at his family business of supplying all of Galapagos with Penguin (walls) Ice cream, and therefore EVERYBODY knows him! You cant turn a corner without him getting a shout or a hi 5! So I got a free ice cream from his grandma and we headed towards the centre, where who should I bump into but Ami from Panama! On the way out of the centre we passed a little bay where Eduardo goes surfing so we had a look and there were two guys out there, we shipped to watch for a while and I nearly screamed when a when the guy surfed a massive wave and a shark appeared meters away in the water! I was there going ´what do we do? Do we shout him? What’s Shark in Spanish?!´haha but apparently its actually a bit common and there haven’t been any shark attacks here for forever and only one on Isabella a few years ago…

I went back for my meal that evening and got ready for my tour in the morning,

When I got to the tour place there was just me, and a few 20 min later (I forgot they work on Ecuadorian time) other people arrived – all Spanish but the guide said he´d speak both languages for me, we headed to the boat where guess who I find sitting in it waiting for the tour? Ami form Panama!hahah so that made the trip a lot nicer, though Spanish is her second language and English her third she helped me understand what was going on… We got to the first snorkel point and because of the tsunami the waves were way to vicious for snorkeling and the area was lacking life, so we stayed in the boat, (some people screamed as we went over the waves – it was so fun!haha) then to the second point where 2 guys went snorkeling but again to see anything you had to be close to the rocks and without fins it would be waves-1 Lucy-0 so we just stayed in the boat, the valley of love, (Ami was my partner) but the tsunami had messed up that too so a theme was starting to occur here…

Finally we went on land and when for a walk through the island to find tons of marine iguanas and boobies, I mean everywhere it was amazing once again there were less than usual because of the tsunami but it was still pretty incredible the pictures I took don’t do it justice, the second place we landed we went for a slightly longer walk and ended up looking into this massive erm lagoon I guess? I dunno what to call it where the guy says who wants to jump in? (A 25 Ft drop) I chickened and only one guy jumped but we all followed down the rocks and went for a snorkel in the bluest deepest water I think I’ve ever swam in, so cool, I ended up climbing up half way and jumping form I dunno 10-12 Ft? This place definitely made my day; the water was simply amazing…

On the way back me and Ami decided tortuga Bay would be a good option for the afternoon so we headed for food then set off, its about a 30-40 min walk to tortuga bay and half way there it started to rain… As soon as we set foot on he sand the thinner started! It was crazy! We were in the middle of a storm but we just thought we´re this far we may as well carry on since the rain was definitely not going to lift! (This is when ami tells me that apparently she takes the rain everywhere with her!) It took us forever but we arrived at the ´bay’ in the poring rain to find the most amazing warm water bay with hardly anyone in so we hid in there until the rain calmed a bit, I think I´m gonna have to go back there in the sun it was gorgeous, and outside of the bay the waves were so big, apparently is the surfing spot of sta Cruz…

Of course as soon as we started to head back the rain lifted! And we went for a taxi back to the hostel simply because we were so wet! So I said by to Ami – she´s going on a cruise tomorrow and I headed out for food, sat into he cafe now and I´m off to the highlands in the morning for my volunteer work, solo. We´ll see how that goes… :S

Buenos Noche



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