Nice Slice of Rice

Okay so I wrote a blog last week and ´the Internet cafes Internet died on me before I could send it so I don’t know if I have time to re write the whole thing so here´s a shorter version I’ll update later…

So Thursday morning I woke up extra early so that I could pack for the highlands, after getting everything ready in my castle… 😛 and after breakfast I headed back to my room and went to chill in my hammock for a while and listen to my iPod, so out came Mumford and Sons and for the first time this trip I really did miss home, It all just made me want to see my brother sooooo badly! 😦 So I was in a bit of a funny mood when we headed up into the highlands.

When I got the Eco-Farm there were lots of Spanish people sitting round a table and no English person in sight! No one spoke English and so after a few minutes of charades I put my stuff down and headed back into the car where we went to the farm. Turns out we were sieving plants and feces… So that errm smelt great!haha then spraying it onto the plants, at this point Pablo came up to me, turns out he speaks English and is the main guy at the farm, there were two other Volunteers, one from Quito and the other from Cuenca, both speaking a little English…

As the day went on I was really struggling as everyone was speaking very fast Spanish and apart from Pablo, they were leaving me out, it was only when half the people had gone and there was only me, Pablo, Wilson and the chef left that it turned into such a good night! Wilson was starting to learn English so we sat together with out language books working and asking each other for help which was really helpful and then he ended up teaching me Chinese checkers which ended up with all of us sat down for dinner and Pablo (since he spoke both languages) teaching us both together, seriously, try listen to a Spanish dude say red lorry yellow lorry… It never gets old!hahah So Wilson couldn’t say nice… So then the rhymes came in, (nice slice of rice) and then we decided to teach the poor cook who less her was sitting there just watching the conversation trying to pick up some English!

So anyway turned into a really good night and most definitely broke the ice from earlier that day!

The next day was more making compost, building bricks for the houses out of old bottles and non-biodegradable rubbish which was a pretty snazzy idea, looked cool too! Then spent the evening in the workshop polluting my lungs with so mush saw dust making wooden signs for the plants, again this evening out came the Chinese checkers (which I got pretty good at BTW!) With Monica too as Pablo and the cook were in town at a meeting thing, so after Irish slam in Spanish (I lost so bad since I was too busy tying to remember how to say j all the time to actually look at the cards!) and eggy bread which the guys loved! We headed for an early night. The next morning a load of people arrived who were here to study rakie (or it sounded like that some yoga ish thing, please correct me if you know it) in out peaceful environment so Monica and me headed down to the nursery to chop wood.

At lunch time I found myself sat between the cook and a 60 odd year old man doing this yoga thing, who said something very very fast to me in Spanish, so I asked him to slow down and we ended up having another amazing conversation, with him teaching me the grammar and me telling him that they have too many words, I really do love how people up here even when they know you´re English will still try speak to you in Spanish once they know you know a bit, down in the centre they just switch straight to English and its really hard to practice but everyone up here was so helpful and I really did enjoy it so much! So after lunch Pablo said I could go now or stay till the evening, so I stayed, and beat Wilson at checkers! wooo! And headed back late in the evening for a meal and an early ish night, I really didn’t want to go, it was so nice up there, even with the constant rain and mozzies! Ohh and also you would not believe how many moths there were there, they don’t know why there are suddenly so many but its crazy apparently they appeared about 2 months ago and haven’t gone, you couldn’t see the walls there were so many!

Back in Sta Cruz, I woke up late the next morning planning to go to tortuga bay but then decided that since I hadn’t spoken to them in 3 weeks I should Skype my family, so that was nice and took up most of my morning, I then went for lunch and back to my hotel and ended up having a fascinating talk with the hotel owners girlfriend who did her degrees all over the world and worked as a maid in Iran to pay for her language school so she could learn the language to do a degree there, really she was 31 and has had such an amazing life, none stop travelling and working and meeting so many amazing people and speaking so many languages, we spoke so long I didn’t have time to go to Tortuga, so I headed out for dinner where it turns out the place I get free meals was shut so I headed down to one of the bars to read my kindle where after a while a group of people came up to me and asked me if I wanted to join them, they were a load of crew and guest members of two sail boats which had just arrived from panama and they were all from all over the world with so many different stories, this place was expensive so I bought a salad and bless them they paid for my meal at the end, they basically said taker my budget for the day and times it by 20 and that’s how much they brought out for drinks!haha

They were all really great people and as we moved to another bar they met a load more crew members from another boat, turns out its a big family of sailors who all know each other! So yeah, that was last night and now I head over to San Cristobel tomorrow for some more volunteer work, hopefully with armi! 🙂

So that should be good, was going to go to Tortuga Bay again this morning but there’s a thunder storm outside right now so I gave it a miss again… So yeah, San Cristobal at 2pm, after lunch and a visit with a travel agent about tours later in the week and 5 day cruises! 🙂

Chao! x

PS sorry – this keyboard is rubbish!


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