Kiss from a Jellyfish!

Okay so we met Tim, Jo and the girls at 6 ish at Casablanca, it was happy hour and over time our table just got bigger and bigger as people we knew joined us as well as a guy named George (lonesome George) an English guy who was sailing for a millionaire and his family around the world! So he basically found us and asked if he could just have a normal English conversation!



Later in the night we headed to Iguana Rock the local (only) club on the Island and after a while the dance floor started to fill (I’m really getting into their music now! Though they play a lot of English music too!). Me Jools and Armi I were dancing when I literally got swept off my feet by a salsa teacher, who some how managed to make me dance! And well too! I swear if anyone try’s to salsa with me now I’d be horrendous but he made it so easy and I was doing all the swirling round in circles and everything!hahah Mucho gusta!



Anyways it was past 2 when we got back to our hotel and planned to meet Jools at the dive place where we had booked the tour for Saturday after breakfast.



So next morning.



As always (mwahahah) I was completely fine, though maybe a bit tired, and to be fair so was arm I at first, we went for breakfast at Happy Mans and headed to the dive place where we found a very hung-over Jools… We picked up our snorkel gear and joined the tour to kicker rock.



First of all we headed off to Isla Lobos where on the way the hangover seemed to hit arm I too… Or the tiredness or the water or something, and so I was sat with 2 hung-over friends in a boat about to go snorkeling.



Isla Lobos was fantastic, I was playing with the sea lions and there were quite a few iguanas, one swimming close to us, a few stingrays, and it was a really nice start to the day.


As we carried on to kicker rock Jools got worse, and I’m sorry but I couldn’t help to find it funny, though I did feel pretty bad for them!


The swim through kicker rock which was meant to be the best snorkel on the Galapagos had really bad visibility as we went through the crack, we saw lots of shadows but it was too foggy to see anything clearly really apart from one or two turtles so we were a bit disappointed, especially when the divers came back saying out of the 180 dives they´d dome this was the best, and there were sharks everywhere etc… 😦 So not good,



So lunch arrived, the others couldn’t really eat much and bless arm I was fast asleep and after the divers were going to a different spot so the snorkelers were doing kicker rock again…



Jools wasn´t feeling great so he didn’t go the second time so me and arm I headed off with the others into the same place but this time the water seemed to have cleared quite a bit, there were spotted eagle rays, Galapagos sharks, SO many turtles, fish, and LOTS of tiny tiny jelly fish which seemed to like me best.



I came out with so many little jellyfish stings including one on my lip! And so many down my leg! But hey ho, it was worth it to see everything else! Jools wasn’t too happy he´d missed it…



After this the plan was to go to the beach but it started to rain so though we docked there we stayed on the boat and chatted to the others on the tour, nearly all of them were on sail boats, two were on around the world trips for 3 years!!!! I tell you what by the sounds of it the best way to see the Galapagos, or the world is by sail boat, they all seemed to be having such a fantastic time!



So that was that day down, we went for a simple meal in the evening and had an early night,



The next day Jools headed to Sta Cruz to meet the school, and Arm I and I headed towards the Los Cobos de Hornet… (´Playa Amor´ – the beach of love – as apparently the mangroves make great spots for couples…) though the sea had a pretty strong current (so we stayed out) the beach was gorgeous with one lonely sea lion perched in the middle, and after the san were some black rocks with a tortoise where you could just see some of the best sea lions, crabs, herons, iguanas, it was gorgeous, and from the top of the lighthouse the view was fantastic! We had pretty chilled out day that day, did a but of tourist shopping for Armi, had a cheap meal and once again had another early night for our boat to Isabella in the morning, we were still pretty tired from volunteering too I think, I was just so sleepy!



So 6am start on Monday morning, boat at 7 and a pretty easy journey… It turns out we had a pretty decent boat to just 5 people! So at Sta Cruz we headed to the Darwin centre again as Arm I hadn’t been, saw lonesome George this time and headed to the port for a boat to Isabella, half way there it started to rain really really badly and I got soaked, as did our bags as they were brought off the boat and as was the island. I was looking forward to Isabella so much and I’m not gonna lie in the rain it didn’t look too great…



So Me and arm I were picked up and taken to our hostel, in the middle of no where with no other guests but a really nice room with a balcony and breakfast and dinner included, it turns out it really wasn’t far from the centre but the centre is just so tiny that once you´re out. You are out. We went for a walk, got our bearings but it was pretty wet so we mainly stayed at the hostel and planned the next few days.



So Tuesday Wednesday Thursday we have 3 tours (I don’t know in what order)



Volcan Chico




y The wall of tears…



So that’s the plan, we go back for dinner in a bit and I guess that’s when we´ll find out what we´re doing!



I can’t wait to see Isabella in the sun, so hopefully we´ll have some en la manaña… 🙂


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