What to doooooo!

After the last post we finally decided to go to Tortuga and guess what, it rained again… :/



So I felt a bit bad as Armi’s experience of this amazing lagoon was a bit dulled down by the weather and the mozzys but we still had a good laugh, neither of us wanted to get out of the water into the cold air! Afterwards Armi had photos to upload before she went back to Quito and I started my search for a cruise for with Jools, EVERY single one going north went that morning, and all the ones south were crazy prices!



I dunno, I wasn’t really that fussed about going south, the places on Galapagos I really wanted to see were:



Sta Cruz – Done


San Cristobal – Done


Isabella – Done












Santiago (James)




Sombrero Chino



And most of them are in the north, Fernandina was a no go as you needed to be on an 8 day cruise to go there 😦 so maybe next time? 🙂



And Española had to be on a cruise for 5 days and was south whereas everything else was north…



So in the end after a lot of searching I found one that left on Friday but would return to the north of sta Cruz on Monday and would then do James, Bartolome, Rabido, chino and Seymour, and it was 2 for 1, so I thought if me and Jools could get on the that would be awesome.



So I emailed the company, told Jools who was all for it, then half an hour later I got the email back saying offices are closed due to the Easter holidays and to ring this mobile number, and of course no phone boxes work here and all travel agents were shut so that definitely lowered the mood and optimism for finding a cruise, so we left, and bumped into Mario and another traveller from Ecuador who was staying at el Castillo. So that was our night sorted, we had a really good time, went to bongo, which had some great music and had a really nice chat with Chris.



This morning (sat) after saying bye to Armi I headed to a tour company and sat down and told them what I wanted to do, the tour I was trying to cut in on the day before turned out to be full anyway,



So one after another he told me about these cheap tours to the southern islands but it would cost me $65 for a day trip to Floreana in which you see little anyway or $135 to Bartolome the island I most wanted to visit and would only see for a short time…


So I said no to all the ones to the south and they really struggled to find anything going north and everything that did would not be back in time for my flight. I was meeting Jools at 9:30 when he got off the boat so I was running out of time and bless these guys they were trying really hard to find me somewhere, the woman was ringing up every corner of the Galapagos and then the guy was not asking me to marry him he was searching through file after file, and then just as I was thinking I should go, they came up with one.



2 nights, leaving at 6pm tonight.



It would go,




Bartolome and a view of James


Sombrero Chino


Cerro Dragon


Black turtle cove



They gave me a price which was a lot I guess for 3 days but I still ran off and found Jools, who wanted to go sit down for a coffee but I dragged him to the tour place.



But he time we got there they said sorry they had made a mistake, it was actually 4 days 3 nights and $50 more, we thought about it for a while and well, I decided I was going but Jools wasn’t sure until he saw the boat.



I presumed it would be another massive white cruise boat but it was a gorgeous 105ft sail boat for 14 people with 5 staff, and that was it we booked it.



Then came the paper work and as we signed away all our money we found out it was called the Beagle. That made my day.



So there we go, I´m going to sail round the Galapagos 1st class on the beagle. Whoopa!



So then we set off to get our bags to leave at the tour place and go to tortuga bay when we bumped into Christian again from last night, so I introduced Jools and Chris to each other and he decided to join us,



The only problem was all my clothes and my bikini were at the laundrette so I had nothing to swim in and ended up in an assortment of the guys clothes, but it was the first time I’d seen tortuga in the sun ant it was gorgeous, and so warm, we still got bitten to death but it was worth it, so we got back, covered in sand and still pretty wet and realised we had no were to dry off before the cruise! So I´m gonna arrive on this boat covered in sand looking like a scruff in front t of all the other first class passengers, so we´ll see how this goes…


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