Goodbye Galapagos :( :(

Well we were planning on maybe doing something in our last few days on the Galapagos, maybe visiting another island or something, Jools fancied Isabella and I was thinking Floreana but in he end we both decided that we had had enough of being a tourist and I cant speak for him but I had 3 really great days…


We just relaxes, Breakfast in the morning at what became our local, then we found ourselves spending a while on the internet, having a walk about then to our usual place for lunch, ($3 for Almuerzo!) and then head somewhere in the afternoon.


The first day we headed off for Las Grietas (or something like that)- -the big cliff lagoon where I had gone in my first week with the tour and jumped from about 25 foot in… When we got there it was basically empty and I could not remember where it was we jumped in from and didn’t really want to risk getting it wrong, Jools headed off climbing a few rocks and jumping from low heights until a few locals came over and jumped from the very top!!! They were absolutely crazy and they showed us where to go from, I wasn’t having it, I’d done it once from a bit lower and didn’t have it in me to go higher, Jools however worked his way up…


The next thing I know I’m looking up at him 50ft above the water (higher than some locals would go!) and watched him jump straight in! I was babbing it and it wasn’t even me! Apparently there were too many people watching to back down!hahaha


SO that put us on a bit of a high and we headed back later past a little bar on the route back to the port where we met a Girl from New Jersey and Guilliam from France. The night then just carried on as usual. Home, then for a drink at Happy hour at the Rock, then food (pappi pollo with Guilliam – man it was good and so cheap!) then back to the rock and to Break point – a place everyone told us to go and we could never find! It was pretty good too! The night ended with us swimming around in the port at 1 in the morning and we headed back soaking to our hostel…


The next day started pretty similar, but this time in the afternoon we headed to Las niñfas – the lagoon literally down the road, which I hadn’t been to before. I mean it wasn’t the most beautiful thing on the Galapagos but it had warm water, a place to sit or jump in, and so we spent a few hours swimming around – drowning – jumping in and playing Cuarenta. Until some younger locals arrived, which ended up with them in a queue as Jools or me and Jools threw them in one at a time!hahah

It was a pretty good day, then once again headed to the rock in the evening…


For Friday it was my last day on the Galapagos, so we basically did exactly the same (you just don’t get tired of it, its just so nice not to be running around with a snorkel and a pair of flippers for a few days!) Brekka, chill on the balcony with a few beers and fresh coconuts (chopped open expertly by Jools with a massive machete!) bit of music, then the lagoon for a bit until once again it got pretty busy and we retreated to the Rock.

Since it was our last night we decided to try do something special and Jools had heard from Tim and Jo about a restaurant a short boat ride away which was really nice, so we headed over. It was most definitely the most expensive meal we´re had but it was gorgeous, we had two small lizard friends to keep us company too. It made a really good end to our trip with a glass of wine looking over the port, completely away from all the hustle of the main street. Once again after we headed back to the rock with a pack of cards, you know, for old times sake!haha and headed back to our hostel.


So this morning (Saturday) we headed for an early breakfast at our local, then we said our goodbyes and I headed for the Airport…


I had a massive panic for a good 2 minutes at one point when I looked on my kindle and noticed it said it was 10:30 and I was only half way there and I was sure I as going to miss my flight! until I realised I never changed the clock on it from Quito so it was an hour ahead!hahahah


So yeah, Everything was fine, got on the place, got off the plane in Quito, paid an extortionate about to get a taxi to my hostel (which the taxi driver couldn’t find!) and I am now sitting in the lobby as they don’t have my name down to stay there but they do have my friends who should be arriving soon and they are also sending someone over from lead adventures so they will sort it out…


Its a nice place anyway, its so cold here though and I already miss the Galapagos though I cant wait to se Jenni and Dan again! 🙂 should be good!


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