Ecuador to Parah Darling…

Well turns out the computers in Cusco don’t want to let me log onto my blog so I’m doing this via email so we´ll see how it works… 🙂

We set off early in the morning from Cuenca to head across the border to Peru.


The coach journey was a tiring 8-hour journey which poor matt didn’t stand a chance on. He gets pretty travelsick and spent 8 hors with his head in the sick bag, bless him, I would not have liked to be in his shoes! After the long journey to the border at Tumbes, we basically got chucked off the coach then they carried on with our bags leaving us in the middle of nowhere at a building claiming to be passport control? There was a bit of confusion to which stall to go to, where to stand, which form we were meant to fill ins we all seemed to get different ones and he seemed just to be handing us whatever was closest to his hand (lucky for me I got the small one – maybe its reached the Peruvians about blondes!! 😛 )


Poor matt was not in the mood for this at all. Too many forms, too hot, and I can’t even imagine how he was feeling! We helped him as much as we could, Finn filled in his form for him basically and I bought over priced water for him for this very persistent and slightly aggressive little girl… And then it was into the taxis to cross the border to the bus station to pick up the bags the bus driver had driven off with.


At the bus station we said goodbye to our Ecuadorian guide – Santi – and hello to Rennie our Peruvian guide. There was also another group at the bus stop, only of three with a guide who were basically doing the same trip as us but as there were so few people they were kind of making it up as they went along. The girl had spent 2 weeks with parasites in her stomach and on the last coach they had just had all their money and wallets etc nicked… There’s really nothing you can do but it does make you realise how lucky you are!


So we all headed off in this mini bus with our new guide rennie and within a few seconds he had completely wiped the floor with Santi.

He told us all about the area, gave us the usual warnings, kept us up to date and even asked our names! He basically gave us more information on that journey than I think santi ever gave us…


At about 3 in the afternoon we arrived at our destination.


It was a hostel called ¨Tres Puntas¨(three points as there were three MASSIVE sand dunes surrounding it on one side) This place was in Zorritos, just outside Chiclayo in Trujillo, a tiny little fishing village. And straight away we knew we were in for a treat. This place was amazing. It was built by volunteers and was meant to be very eco friendly. You came off the road and walked into this stone slabbed area with chairs made out of string, with cool tables, then we got sent to our rooms to unpack. They were amazing. The bathroom was like a Swedish wet room but with a lot more style. All made out of recycled bits and bobs and cool colored tiles. The sink had a bucket under it and then the water form the bucket was to flush the loo. There were some really great ideas!


Then the bedroom. I don’t know why but on this tour they always seem to do rooms in 2’s or threes when matt and Finn had like 7 beds in their room, it really seemed like a waste, but the place was empty to be honest so maybe they were just trying to bulk the place out…

The beds were large hand made and so comfy, and one wall was just a door and a window leading out to our private decking with barriers up from the neighboring rooms, with a hammock and a table and a fantastic view of the beach only 200m away.


The dining area had an area which looked a bit dodgy but fantastic at the same time. It was up hand crafted stairs made and shaped with the wood, onto an area a good 10m above ground on a platform. I don’t know, I cant do the description justice, it wasn’t somewhere we could sit in the day without getting burnt to death but it was impressive, and lit up at night! Also the sheltered area was decorated with Peruvian hairless dogs, which apparently the owner bred. I genuinely just don’t know what to think of them… They I suppose were interesting, but they just had dark freckly sun – crisped skin and then you felt bad for them and went to stroke them and it was just horrible! It was like stroking a plucked chicken, or I don’t know, the skin kind of stuck to your hand so you couldn’t then move it and it was so hot! blerrrgh it was just really weird. You couldn’t get used to it and the worst bit was when you were eating a meal and it came up and rubbed against your leg! I feels sorry for the poor thing as it must not get that much attention but when I felt it against my leg it scared me to death it just feels like nothing else and almost made me scream! Poor things…


Apart from this the whole place was just amazing. My back garden was a deserted beach with gorgeous hot water, an area of hammocks and a terrace, all made eco friendly by volunteers, with massive rooms with hot water and a hammock on our balcony kind of thing, it was truly gorgeous.


One other thing was that it was a bit of a trek from the center of Zorritos, and the set menu at this place was 20Sol. Now after $2 meals in Ecuador this seemed ridiculous! So after the lunch meal we got out my kindle and just had a look at our options. This is when we started to see the problem with Rennie, he was VERY money orientated. And was obviously used to tour groups for whom money was simply not an issue. He didn’t understand our problem with paying so much for more food than we needed, and was obsessed with telling us to share a kitty for tipping (sheikh just seemed ridiculous since we were all doing different activities and its much nicer to tip yourself, rather than have someone else tip maybe to people you didn’t want to and not to the people you wanted to…


That evening Jen, Fin, Dan and I (matt was still pretty ill) didn’t want to pay so much for food so we headed out to the town on a little tuk tuk (which you just don’t get bored of! its like a motor bike with a little carriage added onto the back for the passengers) and found a bit of simple Peruvian cuisine, chicken and rice, un otre vez… All in all having a great night in this boiling desert with fantastic scenery and just well, everything was perfect…


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