Me encanta tres puntos!

After a great lie in for the first time in quite a while Jen and I headed for breakfast…

There were a few options with what we could do with our day;

1 – go somewhere and try learn to surf

2 – head to the mud baths

3 – just stay here and relax on the miles of beach we had all to ourselves (minus one fisher shilling about 700m down the beach)

And well, we’d done a lot of travelling and I’d never done a mud bath before so me and Jen decided to go explore and see what they ere like…

Rennie had told us he could book us to go to the mud baths for 35Sol each, which once again seemed like a hell of a lot of money and almost persuaded us not to go, so we decided to confer with my kindle and another girl who was volunteering here. After a bit of a discussion we found we could get a tuk tuk to the Baths for 10Sol each, and entry was 5Sol. So okay it wasn’t a lot cheaper but if we can save money, we’re gonna! There was also a guy who hung around in the dining area trying to get people to take his tuk tuk for trips out of convenience, but we had taken him the night before for 10sol to the town, and got back for 2sol. So we decided he really want worth our time…

So off we plodded onto the main road where we headed off walking until FINALLY a tuk tuk drove passed, we waved it down and after a bit of bad Spanish and charades he realised we were talking about the mud baths and said

‘si, claro! diez soles para ti y ella, y por regresar también.’ at which point we jumped in the back for a much better deal than we were expecting! There and back for 10sol for both of us!

Then it got even better! We arrived at the mud baths and there was no one else there but the guy running the place and he basically said, don’t bother paying just go in for free!haha

So for 5 sol each we got a return to the mud baths, with the taxi driver waiting for us for over an hour whilst we enjoyed the baths and he chatted with the guy working there. There were quite a few baths, all scattered around in the middle of this national park with fantastic scenery and each bath was different. I’d never been in one before and wasn’t sure what to expect, and it was pretty weird stepping into this pool of water then your foot hitting the mud and just sinking (at which point you do wonder how far down your foot is gonna go!haha) and when you step back out you look like a taller thinner version of Morph!haha

All in all it was pretty brilliant, and even better for the fact that I just wanted to go for the experience but every time we entered a different pool I got the benefit on Jen telling me just how good for me this was! haha for my skin, body and I dunno, other stuff that in that kind of situation just makes you feel good!haha

haha I love going places with Jen too as she always tells me how good things are for me, I just wanted to go because it sounded fun but Jen´s there telling me how its good for my skin etc or how the food I’m eating is good for me, or that the sea is healing my mozzie bites… haha love it…

Anyways, we headed back to the others who had all just chilled around on the beach, meaning we were all pretty relaxed. And me and Jen headed for a dip in the ridiculously warm sea to get the mud off us, then a beer by the beach before we got hungry. Some of the guys had booked in for lunch but me fin and Jen headed back out to zorritos again for a meal and some ice cream before heading back to the group to catch the coach south to Chiclayo.

It was pretty mutual agreement that no one wanted to leave tres puntas! If we could have had an extra day there it would have been awesome!

We arrived in Chiclayo late in the evening and had a quick meal at the chicken place attached to the accommodation? It was definitely different… Then Jen Finn and I headed out to explore where somehow we wended up in this karaoke bar for a whole 3 minutes sine none of had any money… It was errrm, interesting? It had music booming out and whitney houston music videos in every room and two guys sat in a corner drinking beer by themselves… so yeah, we left pretty fast…

Back in our room I got on my kindle to check out what we could do round Chiclayo. Rennie had mentioned a museum that sounded pretty cool and also the Medical market sounded pretty fun so I just went to cheek it out and found I had an email form Edinburgh university telling me that I had 5 days to confirm my accommodation otherwise I would lose the chic they had just given me! So I was up until 3am truing to sort it out all over the kindle but its a pretty simple web browser and couldn’t handle it all…

So now I had my student finance trying to give me money to support my child and I have a deadline the day before I return as well having my student accommodation application on a ticking clock… wahoo! 😐

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