Stress, poor kindle, stress, Edinburgh, oh and stress :)

Due to the events explained in this entry, I didn’t write any more blogs form South America so here I am a year on trying to complete the last few weeks of my page! Excuse my poor memory!

We had only one day in Chiclayo, and the plan was to spend it at the medical markets famous for its natural medicines and weird and gruesome things to buy. 

Everybody headed off to explore these whilst I instead ended up staying in the hostel. The night before I had tried to sort out my accommodation for Edinburgh but to do so I needed to click a link on my kindle that opened up a new page. Which, of course, you cannot do on a kindle. Therefore at about 3am I gave up and decided to find a computer in the morning and try again. 

I only had a few hours to try sort everything as we were getting a coach to Trujillo at about 2pm, and so I got down to business. It took a good 3 hours with a painfully slow computer and poor internet to go through a tedious amount of online forms asking about things that, whilst in Peru, I simply did not give a damn about, I had no idea where ‘Fraser Court’ was where I had apparently got accommodation, nor knew if I had even applied for it, but finally after finding all the relevant pieces of information (why on earth would I have my matriculation number on hand in South America!?) and having to part with £250, my accommodation was sorted! (Hopefully!) Just in time for everyone to come back for the coach. 

When everyone got back Finn, Matt, Dan and Jen asked how everything went and I think my response was along the lines of ‘sorry, I’m feeling pretty stressed so just give me a minute and don’t ask about it for a while till my heads clear’ which was fine, and everyone gave me a bit of space to try and work out what I’d done.

Then along came the coach and I made a glorious plan of reading through all the information I was meant to read before agreeing to my new flat (which I had sent to my kindle of course) and make sure everything was sorted. So we sat down on the coach, me ridiculously stressed, and I pulled out my kindle, presumably the Internet in the hotel was so bad that the documents hadn’t sent across, only stressing me more! So I gave up and went to get my notebook out of my bag so I could get my thoughts out and worry about living in a box on the side of the road for uni at a later date. 

I got my bag down from the rack and sat down to find the notebook to hear a horrible loud *crack* that definitely did not hit home at first. I carried on looking for my notebook and then my brain clicked, and I jumped up out of my seat to see under me my kindle, pressed against the seatbelt lock, which due to 55kg of Lucy pressing down upon it, was now trying to pierce through my beloved kindle! 

As if things could have gotten worse ey?! I think this all happened in a bit of a slow motion in my head and quickly decided there’s no point causing a fuss, all I really remember is looking over to see Finn’s face in shock and also looking like he didn’t quite know what to say in case I blew into a complete frenzy!haha All I could think to do was turn, shake my head, get out the iPod and close my eyes and lie back and dwell on the past few hours with Leonard Cohen soothing my ears.

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