Creag Meagidh

We woke up to a wet tent after non stop down pours over the night!
The upper is fine but the ground sheet apparently didn’t like being waterproof and flooded us in out sleep!

The plan was to do the Craig Meagaidh range as the weather was meant to be slightly better to the north east, and I think t was. There were very few views but the first half of the walk was fairly dry!

As we reached the second Munro though we saw some massive cornices over one side of the ridge. We got a tad concerned about the descent through a gulley as we’d seen it earlier and it still had a ton of snow on it and the cornices were pretty dodgy!

We carried on towards the last summit with the plan of scouting out the gulley and possibly heading back along the ridge (a good 4hr walk) when we bumped into people coming up the gulley. We didnt really trust their judgement and decided to skip the last summit and descend the gulley leaving us enough time to retreat if we couldt see a decent path down.

It turns out that the side of the gulley we couldn’t see earlier had a pretty good way off the mountain and we definitely had time for the last summit (though it was a plateau in a white out so would have been interesting!

But hey ho, Now we have a good reason to come back!! 🙂

We arrived back to the tents in the rain to all cuddle up in a tent failing to light the stove on the grass without it falling over. In the end Apryl braved heading out into midge central to light it and cook our dinner, what a gem 🙂

This morning we woke up roasting to a rain free gorgeously sunny day!!

So we’ve spent the morning faffing in the sun and are now heading towards Ullapool with plans to climb An Tchellach (spelt badly) tomorrow! 🙂

Bought a ground mat to keep the tent dry and some incense to keep the midges at bay, and this weather is lovely! 😀

*i havent looked a these photos on a big screen so I have no idea if they’re good or even in focus – sorry!!*

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