5 Fannichs

After camping at the bottom of the hills, (and having a wonderful sunset followed by a dry night) we set off at 7am to climb 5 of the Fannichs.

After only 4k or so we realised that Apryl hadn’t found the bag of chocolate we’d prepared for the day! The idea of a long day with no double deckers was pretty soul destroying, though ripping into Apryl about it for the next 24km was very entertaining!!

The weather was brilliant, beautiful sunshine, blue skies and a good breeze to keep us cool on the ascent!

I cannot even explain how glorious the weather was, the views were wonderful, quite hazy but the silhouette of An Teallach was worth every second of rain and thunder that hit us on the last peak.

As we summited the clouds set in along with sheet rain that lasted the entire descent. We changed out descent plan as it was looking quite boggy but we were lucky to have a well defined path down the cliffs ridge back to the tents. By this point 5 out of 8 of our knees were having issues and the thunder was getting louder behind us.

Gregor went into grumpy mode and Apryl was ecstatic at the idea of a cloud inversion and Deer in the mist!

We arrived back to the tents as the rain stopped, had a well deserved double decker with a beautiful view, and packed the tents. The rain and thunder kicked in on the slog back to the car freaking us out a tad as the lightning got closer!

After considering a night in a hostel as all put clothes were soaked we finally ended up pitching tent basically in a layby and having a BQQ and smores!! The perfect end to the day 😀

Note to self: people seriously speed past on Scottish roads, so dont pitch near roads if you’re a light sleeper! I kept waking up thinking our tents were about to get run over!!

Anyway. T’was an awesome day, we’re all soaked and heading to a bothy tonight after a faffish day at a cafe and seeing waterfalls 🙂 Maybe some Rum is in order!

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