Wednesday Faff Day

After a pretty rough night on the side of the road we decided to spend the next day faffing and just working out our plans for the next week.

All our gear was sodding wet as were our tents! Therefore we found a cosy spot in a cafe in Ullapool and spend an afternoon grabbing wifi (so I could watch the next episiode of supernatural!) and working out where we would stay the next night, where/what we wanted to do next and what to do about the lack of good knees in the group!

In the end we found a beautiful bothy in Badrallach which none of us had ever heard of before. I was unbeleiveably cheap and fantastic! Only a short walk to the beach, drinking water, a log fire! We couldnt ask for more! There were only two other poeple (and a dog – Ben) stayinh in the t who were a couple up from Devon with two weeks to canoe and walk around scotland! They were lovely and great chat and very good about the fact we just ruined their quiet night in the bothy!

we took over the whole hut hanging wet muddy clothers everywhere, and and sat down for spag bol and a bit of whiskey!

and after a great nights sleep (though a few midge bites) we’re heading back to ullapool for a walk around as unfortunately our knees are bad enough that the fisherfields may not be the best idea!

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