Loch Inver to Tongue

We woke up on friday to the attack of the midges, camping near the river is never a great idea!

The whole day was planned around getting pies for lunch an then heading up to to gue so we basically set off in the direction of a castle to fill a few hours.

It was wet and cold and a nice castle but we didnt really stay long!

Along back to loch inver for the most AMAZING pies. Venison and Cranberry followed by Rhubarb and Strawberry, oh man, they’re in a league of their own!

Then it was off up the west coast taking the scenic single track road up through Durness to Tongue.

We arrived at the hostel and were welcomed in by a lovely lass called Julia. She was too kind and washed our clothes for us whilst we headed on a 3 hour journey to the only large shop on the north coast, all the way over in Thurso!

Back to tongue to find hillwalkers slowly arriving, so out came the gin jelly as a few reunion hugs, a bit of table wrestling and sign up for the next day.


The weather wasn’t the best but it was relatively dry and so the walk up to the summit Ben Kilbreck was pretty enjoyable with some great chat. We then decided to head down the other side of the Munro, following a path out which turned out to be entirely made of bog! Once again there was a good group of people so it was pretty enjoyable as the rain held off, but my boots are no longer waterproof! Sad times šŸ˜¦

Ben hope tomorrow! šŸ™‚

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