Towel Day, Ben Hope, Sock wrestling and Goodbyes :( :(

We’re in Tongue with the Hillwalking club! Yazoo!

We were actually tad nervous about seeing everyone as I think we went slightly insane spending a week together in the car!

It’s been so nice to see everyone, tongue is the flattest area I’ve ever seen in Scotland and it’s riddled with bog! Most of yesterday was spent ploughing through wet spongy ground getting thoroughly soaked!

With some table wrestling in the evening we had an early ish night so that today I can climb my 42nd Munro!

42nd Munro (most northern Munro also) on Towel Day in remembrance or Douglas Adams šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ and to top it off Gregor is a fan and can keep up on quotes!

Happy nerdy times, hopefully we’ll have a swim later and tonight will be the night for sock wrestling!! šŸ˜€

Climbing Ben Hope on sunday was nice, its a very simple walk but in shoddy weather it was good to follow a path and keep the conversations going.

Unfortunately we had no views for the majority of the day, but I I’d have my towel and to top it off some good friends and whiskey!

It was only a short days so then it was back to the hostel to dry tents and gear an get peeling potatoes for the evening.

A few rum and cokes later and a ridiculous round of ‘Scotland the Game’ we had an amazing casserole, sangria, and then a walk down to the bridge like the 14 year old neds we are at heart!

We arrived back at the hostel at ten ish to see the first few bouts of sock wrestling taking place – a very simple game, you both have only one sock on and the other person has to try take it off.

I’m now covered in carpet burns after defeating Skirton in a very well matched fight, honestly she’s my new favourite person to challenge!

Then a very quick defeat by Gregor who now has a tally of 3:0 against me šŸ˜¦ but unfortunately we were both a bit knackered so it wasn’t really a long fight!

Though out scraps were good they were nothing compared to some of the guys, they were seriously going for it, there were some great leg locks and tackles and just ridiculously powerful moves going on! It was awesome to watch!!

After a night of trying not to lie on carpet burns, We then packed up the car and got ready to head off.

Unfortunately that meant saying goodbye to Apryl! It was actually horrible to do, thats it now, we wont see her till she hopefully comes to Dundee in over a year!! šŸ˜¦ Apryl if you read this I miss you already! It was so so so much fun, I’m now stuck with two grumpy granddadds. Hopefully Jaz is up for the challenge of keeping the sprits high!!

I have no doubts that Having Jaz around is gonna be lovely šŸ™‚ we’ll all be together now until we hit fort bill on friday šŸ™‚ exciting times!

So it’s either Ben Stac today or the beach depending on time! All i know is I’m still pumping from sock wrestling and NEED. To get rid of some of this energy!



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