Sunsets and Beaches

So we ended up spending Monday driving down to Loch Inver, getting MORE pies, and then eating them over at achmelvich beach in not so grand weather!

There was a spattering of rain for the majority of time we were there which put a small downer on the pies. With the tide in we also had a lot less rock to scramble on but we still managed to amuse ourselves for a while, the number of swimmers quickly fell from 3 to 1 though as the rain continued!

We came off the beach just as the heavy weather hit and all got a nice soaking! Sad times!

The car of people staying in hostels then left us and we headed on down towards Stac Pollidh looking for a nice camping spot.

Basically as we turned off the road away (west) of Pollidh, we found some flat grass which seemed a fair enough place to camp, and luckily Jasmin suggested we went to the beach before setting up camp.

We followed the road through a small village until we found ourselves at the sea, there was a fair amount of parking, a few camper vans and then a long stretch of rocky beach with a grassy cliff ten feet or so above it.

The views across to assynt were beautiful, the sky was close to cloudless and the visibility was a lot better than it had been for the past few days!

I may have gone slightly insane, there was a piece of land reaching out to the sea about 3m wide with steep sides, which I decided would be a wonderful camping spot! (It was as wide as our tent and on a slope with bumps in it, BUT you could see all the way east and west with an uninterrupted view to the sea!)

Gregor and Cal weren’t so keen at first but Jaz and I finally persuaded them that it was a good Idea and it really was!

We sat out with the view until the rain hit us, after hiding out in the boys tent for an hour or so Gregor needed the toilet and when he opened the door the view was unbelievable. The sunset looked unreal, the sea completely calm and the crags in front of the sunset looked jet black and we’re amazingly defined.

I couldn’t tell you just how happy I was that we were camping and not stuck in a hostel.

When Jaz and I went to bed we left the door of the tent open with just the fly sheet up to get a beautiful view as we went to sleep. We had then set an alarm for 4:15am in order o see sunrise too!

Unfortunately the colours had left the sky but at 4:30 the sun rose up over the mountains and once again I was so glad to be camping!

Then we got a few more hours kip before waking up and getting ready to meet up with the others to take a scramble up Stac Pollidh! 🙂

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