Stac Pollaidh

We met with the other 4 hillwalkers and Jaz’s friend at 9am tuesday. (It was meant to be 8:30 but we were late – the camping spot was just too pretty!!!)

The ascent up to the saddle of the hill was a bit gruelling as the weather was phenomenal! Blue skies wonderful sun, and too much heat to climb hills! But we went anyway!

We basically turned the Graham into a photo shoot! After some lunch and an explore of the non-summit-side of the hill we headed of to the summit.

I tried to climb this hill two winters ago but unfortunately it was icy as we were a very big group and ended up heading back. Not this time though!

We headed straight on over messing about the entire way, making a very short walk take 6 hours as we scrambled to the top so many little unnecessary peaks and headed out onto all the pinnacles over dodgy edges! (Mum you’d of had a heart attack!)

I dont reay know what to say but it was a wonderful day, good friends, good chat, good weather and really fun scrambley climby stuff! Yay! 

We then headed to Ullapool for a chill on the beach and fish and chips before saying a final goodbye to the other car and parting ways.

I think they went on to do Quinagand we headed towards the Fannichs again to do the 4 we didn’t do last week!

All in all a good day 🙂 🙂

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