All the other Fannichs!

We spent yes day night at the base of our walk over the last 4 Fannichs and had a surprisingly good sleep! I think I was in bed by maybe 9?

The next morning we packed away slower than we probably should have, had brekka and headed up Beinn Liath Mhor on a long and relatively gradual ascent.

I dont know about the others but I’m pretty certain I sleep walked the first hour!
The views of cloud we’re very uninspiring and though chat was top notch the excitement levels were getting pretty low as we prepared for a full day of fog!

We met three Yorkshire lads on our first ascent who were lovely guys, I recognised their accents quite a while before we bumped into them, they’d ditched their wives in Ullapool and were out for the day on the same route as us. However they were a bit more fresh faced and also had the promise of a pub at the end and so they sped off ahead.

Once we’d made if up the first summit the day was primarily a ridge walk, with no more than 250m of ascent (i think!) of climbing between each Munro. The route was a tad hard to find as it was very rocky and foggy but luckily by Sgurr Mor the cloud had lifted (as promised my MWIS) and we had all out wonderful views back.

We bumped Into the yoskhire lads at a few summits as out breaks crossed over but by the last Munro we’d lost em!

After a walk filled with chocolate, good chat and most importantly double deckers, we started the boggy 8km descent back to the car.
Note: my boots have ripped and the left is definatley not waterproof anymore. 😦

After the Fannichs we were all feeling a bit worse for wear, knees were playing up and we were pretty tired so we skipped a day of our plan and headed back to the WONDERFUL bothy just outside of Ullapool. We’d maybe hyped it up to jasmin a bit too much but she fell in love with the place quickly as we had.

This time we had the whole place to ourselves and within an hour of finishing dinner there were two sleeping gingers on the sofa and a very sleepy yorkshire lad heading on his way!

I managed to stay up long enough to write a few blog posts and then joined the pile of broken people snoozing.

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