Fort William to Oban!

We headed into fort William on saturday morning to pick up a few last bits and bobs and then headed on our way out of the city. This was by far the busiest road I’d ever cycled in so we stuck close together and took it easy.

Most lorries as caravans were great at overtaking us, the issue is the cars that think they can gun past us on a corner!! It was a pretty long slog, we then found a lovely little hall in North Ballachulish (spelt wrong probably) selling tea and cakes. It was a lovely little brake and the weather was unbelievable, with the mountains and the sunshine as the cute little houses I for some reason felt like I was in Switzerland?

We were then only a mile or so from the bridge were the cycle route started.

The bike path was wonderful, the sun was gleaming and we were having the time of our lives heading down the roads!

The whole day was like this, with a lovely stop for lunch on the coast and a stop at the castle at the end of Monty python and the holy grail!! The majority of the day on cycle routes I couldn’t have asked for more!

The last few hours however were absolutely knackering! It became a bit of a game trying to find the route as we went from village road to cycle path every 10 minutes.

The last leg was ridiculous. We were heading down a back road which just had the most gruelling hills (or it really felt it on my old bike!) for about an hour or two you could just hear random screams and exclamations of pain as exhaustion.

I pushed my bike up two of the hills in the end as my legs felt like jelly!

The last stint was an awesome down hill ride into Oban where after a quick chat with a local we headed out to a campsite 3 miles out!

Poor Callum was feeling it by this point and when we arrived at the campsite he scared the poor woman at reception as she thought he was ill!
We pitched the tent a then headed back on the bikes into Oban for fish and chips. The cycle was exhausting but worth it for F&C.

And the cycle back was even harder! Then shower (YAYYY) and beer and bed.

We woke up this morning to a bit of rain, packed up and are now sat in the games room having breakfast, playing pool and are heading into Oban to meet the others and get a ferry to Bara in the afternoon!

56 miles on a steel frames 3 speed bike down,

Many more miles to go!
Once again I may not have signal for a while!

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