Barra to South Uist

We had a wonderfully leisurely morning as the rain was pounding on our tent and we refused to leave!

We had a ferry to catch at 4 ish from Barra to Eriskay and tonnes if time, however we hadn’t really cycled together at this point and for all we knew we’d be cycling at 5km an hour!

We’d made it about 8km when poor Briony’s bike had a lil melt down. The gears locked and then the pannier rack came loose, so half an hour of duct tape and zip ties later we were back on the road. (So far it’s all holding well!!)

The whole day went pretty smoothly, Piglet (my bike) is doing rediculously well, though with my lack of gears the hills have been pretty intense!

We also passed a lot of Vintagw Bentleys coming the other way, they were the same ones we’d seen in Ullapool a few weeks ago, apparently there was a massive meetup of around 1000 Bentleys! And now 10 or so are heading down to the lakes! Gahh they were so cool!!!

Crossed the ferry and headed to the pub for a shandy, and then onwards and upwards.

We set up by a very stagnant river just round the corner from the hostel in Howmore and some pasta and map reading later we had a lovely nights camp!


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