Dougs Birthday

Today the plan was to head to the base of Aval? (Will check names when I’m home!)

We basically had gorgeous weather and headed along some beautiful tracks toward the east coast of Uist!

We stopped off at a cafe just out of Howmore and bumped into the group i hillwalkers cycling the isle in the other direction which was awesome! It sounds like they’re having a great time and as they’d just done the roads we were planning to do and vice versa it was great to hear how it had been!

With a lunch stop at a smoke house we had a pretty good day ending at the base of Aval only 500m from the track! The only downer of the day was when I managed to twist my good knee a I got onto my bike and had a pretty painful few hours to the camp site. That’s now both of my knees gone!

With the sun beating down on us all day and the slightly hilly track towards the end of the day I was goosed! The moment the tent was up I was asleep!

I’ve no idea how long I was out for Callum finally decided to wake us up in the evening so that we could he’d up to the top of Aval for sunset!

After being promised that the entire way was rocky and the areas on the map that looked boggy on the map weren’t we headed along through 4km (ish) of grim bog in our non-waterproof shoes and no gaiters. Needless to say the spirits of the group weren’t very high! However once reaching the summit (with a lovely bit of scrambling) we were all cuddled up and cost with a bottle of Whiskey and a lovely sunset!

The sparklers I bought for Chuggles failed as it was pretty windy but the cakes went down a treat as did the party hats I found in the Co-op!

We basically looked like a pack of wizard/gnomes heading down off the hill, and with some singing, falling and a few magic spells from Briony we descended the hill pretty quickly and happily!

Unfortunately the night had set in by the time we reached the slog through the bog on a seemingly meet ending path back to our tents! Every time we had to jump a bog I could feel my knee getting worse to the point it didnt hold my weight a fair few times, so my only pair of dry shoes were officially sodden. Sadness.
I then had my knee go as we crosse a river resulting in lovely bruises up both my legs, some unidentified injury to my finger and a long reel of curses.
In retrospect I really shouldn’t have gone, I’d checked the map myself and thought it would be boggy, whatever anyone else said, and knew my knees were getting bad, but you know, ‘fear or missing out’, Doug’s birthday, and just sleepiness and silliness maybe got in the way of me making a sensible decision there.

So yeah, lovely day but feeling pretty rough now! And I’m a tad interested to see how the good ol’ knees handle cycling tomorrow!

Piglet is doing grand, I’ve given the brakes a lil tighten and I’m still struggling to find third gear (though I think I know why now – I got a new gear shifter as my old one was in shreds and didn’t want to get rid of the old shifters cover. I’m now wondering if they were actually set at slightly different angles)
But all in all I’m pretty proud of her! ๐Ÿ™‚


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