Harris to Skye to Perth!

The night was pretty long as I kept waking up to the midges and random sounds that in my groggy state sounded exactly like someone stealing my bike! (I think it was the wind?)

Gregor then managed to elbow me in the nose and so I gave up on sleep to do some damage control on my nosebleed and read.

The guys finally woke a few hours later and we all just say there looking at the sky full of midges not really wanting to head out!

After finally daring to leave the tent we packed up quickly in a lower density of midge than the night before but still most definitely in a swarm of midges!

It was only a 4km cycle down hill into Tarbet where we headed into a cafe for a cuppa. The boys were dead on their feet and lord knows why but I was ridiculously zappy! So i headed off on some mini missions, drying boots, sorting clothes and then headed to the local shop where after a lovely natter with the butcher I asked him what we could feasible do or cycle to in Tarbet with a ferry in the afternoon.

He basically said there was nothing to do! But then as a side thought mentioned a gym with a swimming pool AND SAUNA/SPA!

The guys were pretty goosed and were happy with the prospect of a shower, so we cycled literally 2min down the road to the school which is also a gym? Weird.

We exited the building different people, clean for the first time in 6 days and all spa’d out and headed to the ferry with an ice cream and sun! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

We rolled into Uig, Skye, picked up the superior mode of transport, (my knees were grateful for a car!) and met with Gregor’s parents and cousin who were kind enough to let three smelly students stay at the house they were renting on Skye! (Thank you Dave and Sheila if you’re reading this!)Β 

After 3 weeks of grotty tents it was so lovely to clean some clothes and have a gorgeous Beef stir-fry and watch the sun set behind a sheet of glass midge-free!

I was sleeping in the lounge and nodded off to a stunning view of the lingering sunset. The orange haze basically stayed around until 4am when the sun rose again, so all night the views were gorgeous!

I had the best nights sleep in weeks and was woken at 8 feeling very ready for the day!

After some bread and home made Rhubarb Jam from Sheila we headed back on the road, fresh clothed and full of good food ready to climb Bruach na Frithe, a Munro on the Cuillin.Β 

It was a lovely day, beautiful blue skies everywhere apart from over our hill giving us the best views and some shade for which Gregor and I were particularly grateful for!

It was a pretty simple day, up and down a ridge, a fair amount of scree and wonderful views!Β 

I’ve absolutely loved travelling with Gregor an Callum (an Apryl and Jaz!) and I’m pretty gutted its over, but today was a good way to end the journey. We’re back in the car now on our way to visit Jaz, Van Morrison then Hitch Hikers radio series and now Bruce Springsteen playing!

Happy times πŸ™‚

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