End of the road :(

We arrived at Jaz’s pretty late in the evening and were greeted by our wonderful friend and 3 cold beers. It was so nice to end the trip this way, chilling in Jaz’s absolutely crazy shed/bedroom/pad with trippy fairy lights, beer and wine.

I dont think there’s much more to say than we had a lovely drunken night and I dont know about the others but I at least felt a bit worse for wear waking up with my head almost out of a window (I woke up very confused to why there was a window in my tent!)

Eggy bread and bacon later (Jasmin I love you) we headed out to explore the winery and all the other beauties that you can find.
Faces carved into tree trunks, beautifully hand crafted and painted sheds, ice creams and of course the wines.

We had a little taster session and it was the first time I think I’d really tried any non-grape wine other than elderflower, and the fizzy strawberry especially is fantastic!

After a lazy midday of scones, sun and trampolines we had to say our final goodbyes and make our way back to Edinburgh!

The journey went pretty smoothly, however this is when I found out for definate that I couldnt get into my flat. 😦

I’d had my bag stolen a few weeks ago and that included my keys getting stolen. Unfortunately one key was a security key which takes longer to cut. We’d made things work as the flat could be locked without this key however when Doug left for the cycling trip he secured the flat properly which meant the security lock was on, we both assumed that I’d be home after him to be honest, but he’s still in Skye right now! Oops!

Luckily if have friends with spare beds so I moved into Gregors for a night who’s flatmate had already left leaving a spare bed! Wahoo a bed!! πŸ˜€

Cal left for a few hours to unpack and sort things and then we all snuggled up for a Noor (amazing takeaway curry) and Monty Python – The Holy Grail.

This really is the end of the trip now, we’re back home, back to reality, tomorrow I will even be able to enter my flat! Its been awesome, I’ve been travelling with the best of people, and it was a real shame that Apryl and Jaz couldnt stay longer but just having them around for a wee while was just so wonderful!

I’m not sure I’m ready for it to end but onwards and upwards ey?
Tomorrow I start planning South East Asia! πŸ˜›


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