First Stop – Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok midday on Thursday after 16 hours of travelling and 23 hours after we left home. The flight was once again good – can happily watch back to back episodes of Supernatural! Though the baby behind us crying did put a stop to any real plans of sleep.

Once at the airport we had some fun realising tht Rachels card would not be accepted at ATM’s (possibly something to do with the overdraft) So I become mother bear in charge of money for a while until I set Rach up with my spare Global Traveller card (good job x found it!) and we were up and running again.

The hostel we stayed in was perfect (name to follow- rach knows it but she’s sleeping right now). We were in a dorm with 12 other girls, good AC, lockers, good toilets etc, and the most wonderful staff! We asked the guy at reception a few times about how to get somewhere in case there was a cheaper/better way to go, and though generally we’d got it right this guy would give us the thai names phonetically (because lets be honest – they sound nothing like the way they’re written in our script!) and as well as all of this he’d give us arough estimate of how much it should cost which just makes haggling tuk tuks a lot easier. Its good to know you’re being reasonable!

Basically as soon as we arrived at this hostel we headed out to explore. we were around a 10min walk from Koh San Road (tourist central) and headed round the overpriced markets with the western bars and music for a while, grabbed some pad thai and then realised we hadn’t reallt slept, or showered, or really acknowledged the fact that we were in Bangkok.

So showered, unpacked, made a friend and then headed back to Koh San to see it in an entirely new light. The whole street has heaving with tourists and food stands and triple the amount of markets! The vibe was brilliant, for me the only thing to let it down wasthe massive westernised bars pumping out music. It was very Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, all’spray them with adreneline, make the lights flash faster’ trying to force you to have a good time. Which was obviously exactly what some peple wanted, I’m just not as keen.

We then headed for a massages and some drinks on the next road down. Very similar to Koh San but with fewer peple, and bars with live music, still loud but just so much better!

The following are my tipsy scribbles I made describing the last day:
Live Music
-From me to you
-Gary Moore
-Country Road
-Black Keys

friendly smiley people

I meant to use it as notes to write this post but I dont really know how. Make of them what you will 🙂

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