Butterflies and Landmines

After a late start and a hot hot night we headed out to haggle with a tuk tuk driver and visit the Landmine Museum.

We were surprisingly fine with the heat and decided the none air conned room must have caused us to acclimatise faster! True or not it made the day a lot nicer.

The Landmine museum was fascinating, Cambodia is still covered in landmines and this organisation are slowly clearing them (along with many others)

The Museum followed the life of a child soldier who joined the Khmer Rouge at 10, then the Vietnamese at 14 and now runs the Museum, clears bombs as well as an orphanage for children injured by Landmines! Once again, an amazing project with so many sad stories and so many brave people.

After a long time meandering around the area we headed towards the Butterfly Sanctury down the road, along with a free guide we saw the largest collection of Butterflies in SE Asia, the full breeding process, some creepy cacoons and just beautiful butterflies and scenery. Ohh and stick insects! It was so good to see them, its years since we had them at home!

Both these places were beyond the Angkor Temples so our tuk tuk drove through the area , t’was beautiful and a great way to get excited about the next day!

We spent the afternoon wandering the night markets and eating the most amazing banana pancakes.

Then after a Khmer Green Mango and Basil salad (amazing) we headed to Temple, a bar/club/ resteraunt where you can see some traditional Khmer dancing!

Things I’ve learned:<big>

Cambodian men have traditional dances in which they basically wear a kilt.

Butterflies are awesome.

Siem Reap has really worked out how to get get money from tourists in the last 3 years.

Banana and Nutella corn pancakes are beautiful things.

Many mine disposal groups in Siem Reap use only basic (and dangerous) tools to disarm the mines, risking their lives to get rid of them.

I had no grasp on the sheer scale of the bombings and number of Landmines placed in Cambodia over the Khmer Rouge.

There are some fantastic organisations in Cambodia to help people. Not enough, but they are still great!

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