My first Temples


We had a tuk tuk booked in the morning to take us around Angkor at a really reasonable price but he couldn’t make it (I’m guessing he got a better offer) and therefore sent his friend. Unfortunately he wasn’t as friendly and we lost our good price, after a bit of haggling we went with him anyway, maybe a mistake, we could have probably got it cheaper! However as tourism has increased in Siem Reap, so have the Tuk Tuk fares.

After a bit of research, Rachel and I chose a path through the temples using as a guide. Its a great resource, though you have to dig for the good information, the guy who wrote it really does love his dimensions and you have to skim through for any history, or uses of space etc.

The Beyon was the first stop as with Thailand I’m just in awe of the handiwork and the time and effort that must have gone into these temples. Each one is so different, and so large, its unbelievable.

We managed The Bayon, Terrace if the Leper King, Prah Pillay before heading back to the tuk tuk for water, mangos and pineapples! 🙂

Our driver was with his brother who spoke better English, though we’d already said we didnt need a Tuk Tuk tomorrow they really didn’t stop trying, in the end it was just tiring and repetitive and we decided not to sue him again. I can understand why they want to keep a customer, it must be unbelievably hard to no know if you can find a job every day, but with the hundreds if friendlier drivers out there it wasn’t worth it.

The afternoon started with the Victory Gate. Then Ta Prohm, where the trees still grow through the temple, and it has been left as close to when French found it. This was probably the coolest place. Then Banteay Kdei, and onto Phom Bakheng, at the top of the hill this temple has views over most of Angkor ( some forested areas hide some of the view). It was beautiful up here, and a good breeze!

The entire day had been very hot, and after this we really did need to head back!

Then after another walk through the markets we found a resteraunt called ‘Fathers Resteraunt’ which had apparently moved, but Rachel has been there before in 2011, when she worked at the orphanage for which the owner of the resteraunt is the ‘Father’ of all the kids! Not only was it a nice nostalgia trip for Rach, the food was lovely!

By this point we were knackered, and by the time we got back and had a bit of a google of plans we needed beds!

Temples are awesome but tiring.

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