Last days in Siem Reap – Silk and Angkor

We were up and out of the hostel by 8am on Tuesday so we could head down to a local craft school for a free tour of the silk farms. Unfortunately we (I) managed to send us down the wrong street so we missed the bus!

It was unbelievably hot, especially for 9am and we found ourselves wondering around a Muslim street. With the first Muslim resteraunt a that we’d seen. Unfortunately we didn’t have any nights spare to try it, I’m hoping we can in Phnom Penh!

So after strolling around in serious heat and getting a bit burnt we headed back to the hostel, and then headed to another hostel that a girl we met in Bangkok had suggested, Mad Monkey Hostel. It basically had free loungers and a pool, which especially on this day, was just lovely!

A few hours later we went back to the craft school to try catch the afternoon tour, we went via our hostel and managed to pick up a friend, Sol, for the trip!

It was a pretty interesting place, the school takes in students, trains them then works them at a good wage to support their families. The take in hundreds of students and the whole establishment has shops and farms all over Siem Reap.

So they pile you in a minibus (With AC!!) and drive you 40 min away to a silk farm where a guide shows you through the entire process from butterfly, to egg, to silk worm, to cacoon, and then the cacoon is the silk.

They just boil the cacoons and the silk can be pulled off in a thread! We were shown the entire process through to a scarf/ piece of material and then got to browse the very expensive shop, I mean everything was beautiful, and the scarves were worth $20 but not for me!

Then after a foot massage from the most lovely people yet, the people we met on the first night joined us for a few beers. T’was a really good night!

After leaving the bar at 1am (ish) we headed to bed to get all of 3 hours sleep before getting up at 4 to go see the Sunrise at Angkor Wat.

In retrospect the sunrise the day before was probably better given the clear sky, we had no reds or pinks, but still to see the Temple slowly appear from darkness across the reflective pool was really nice.

This also meant we entered Angkor Wat at 6:30am and saw the whole place before the other tourists arrived. Once again there was some amazing work, and some quite recent, but just strolling through the galleries at 7am with only a few other tourists was brilliant. Just us and the sound of the local insects, monkeys and birds 🙂

We arrived back at 9 ish and are now on a local bus down to Phnom Penh (after a small worry the bus wasn’t gonna show!)

I’m gonna miss Siem Reap, it really was a lovely and amazing place!

The bus is playing some very weird live soap opera (I think) so headphones in and time for some music:





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