Selemat Detang ke Malaysia

At 5am we were up and out of our hostel to Phnom Penh airport for a relatively easy (but slow) flight to Kualar Lumpar.

The plan was to meet up with my sister, Emma, her fiancé, Mark, and friend Ben, and join them at their hotel for a day before carrying on our travels. And after some confusing directions we found ourselves at Titiwangsa (wonderful name) at the hospital Emma and Ben were working at. It turns out they work only 2 hours a day so we all met up and headed out for lunch at a local Indian street good place.

It was so strange coming from Cambodia to Malaysia, the difference in wealth in the capitals was unbelievable and I’m pretty sure we were in a relatively poor part of town. We got a lot more stares – Mark even mentioned that when Emma was with two blokes is was usually fine but now the women out numbered the men we were getting many more ‘hello’s and looks.

It was all a very different feel.

We headed out into Central Market – nothing like the ones we saw in Cambodia, though I think it was slightly aimed at tourists, there was very little of your generic touristy items, and some of the woodwork and materials were just beautiful!

After Emma had fallen in love with a hand crafted table and Rachel and I had admired every pair of trousers i the store, we headed to the ‘Banana leaf place’ as the guys had named it. I just assumed the banana leaf meals would be like the ones I had in the Amazon, food wrapped in leaves either just for transport or so that the food inside could be steamed etc, but this was completely different.

Basically the banana leaf is your plate, and they just dollop some rice, a few curries, sauces and pickles onto you leaf and you’re set! For the second time in my life I enjoyed Okra! Though for me and rachel this was just too much!

We’d been used to tiny portions of rice twice a day and then suddenly each meal was about the size of 5 of what we’re were eating in Cambodia and I just couldn’t eat any more!

I love Indian food so much, and just cannot wait for the 2 weeks here!

We then headed back home, Rach felt very full and went for a nap whilst Emma and I skype Mum with a surprise visit from Dad who was doing some work in the house and then Woody appeared at the door surprising everyone! He’d sneaked home for a cheeky visit! 😀

After the skype I went back to our room to find Rachel was actually quite ill. So most of the evening was spent making sure she was okay and chilling with the other three going rachel some space. Or worked out perfectly that Rach was ill in the one place we had air con and properly flushing toilets!

The next day we took it easy, and in the afternoon headed to the bird park for a few hours and back to rest. Bless rach hadn’t eaten in a while and just needed to relax. So I headed to a lovely Arab Resteraunt with Emma Mark and Ben, and then back to their room for an intense game of Articulate.

After such a busy week in Cambodia it’s been nice to just chill for a few day, Rachel seems to be on the mend too which is nice, so we’ve booked our bus to Melaka for tomorrow evening!

I know Rach didn’t actually see much of Malaysia, and I have only been here 2 days but so far we both love the place! 😀

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