KL National (ghost) Museum

We decided this morning that we would head to the National Museum before our coach down to Melaka – we’d heard it was a good an had a great work through of Malaysia’s history.

So off we all went, we had the lovely Taxi driver we’d had the day before who guided us through KL telling us all about Melaka, Penang and where to go etc, as well as helping us with our pronunciation of Malay. Some people here are just so lovely.

After getting our tickets for the museum we hades under a big archway saying ‘NATIONAL MUSEUM’ and found ourselves in a deserted concrete area. It was like a really weird ghost town.

We wondered around first ending up at the motorway, then though it was maybe upstairs and found ourselves on the roof? At this point we were quite confuse. 5 of us just stood there on the roof looking around wondering what in earth was going on! Rach and I headed down stairs to check out a few doors, as Ben went i explore a small building on the roof. As we all separated the rain really hit us. We were completely stranded a this monsoon pounded on the roof of our area. There was no way we were running out in this to find Emma, Ben and Mark. All doors in the area were shut. We started to wonder if wend been sold tickets to a closed down museum, the rain was flowing down the steps to where we were like a river for a good 5 minutes and then slowed down enough for us to run back up to the others. It turns out Ben had found a dead pigeon and some notebooks in the hut and wanted to go explore. After stating that a dead pigeon is not a museum we headed back to somehow find the ACTUAL entrance to the museum just after the ticket box. Idiots.

The real museum was actually very interesting. It worked up chronologically from the geological aspect of Malaysia through its cultures and (lucky for us) focusing on Melaka.

Melaka is basically a village that was ‘discovered’ by the Chinese in the 1500s, and became a very large trading port. It was then taken over by the Portuguese, then Dutch, then English and is now this multicultural hive of activity. With buildings and cultures and traditions from all eras. It’s with a quick scan on its history. It’s pretty fascinating. And with us heading there a few hours later, it was brilliant for us to get our bearings!

After an awesome lunch, Rach still doesn’t realy have an appetite but the Roti Tissue (very sweet thin roti) seemed to help, we headed to the station, got very confused as to where to pick up tickets, ran two flights of stairs and hopped on a bus.

To Melaka!

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