(And yes helena I do now have ‘carry on my wayward son’ caught in my head)

We had an amazing first week in Cambodia, both Rach and I have been saying non-stop that we need to go back there and really spend some time there. One week really was just the smallest of a glimpse into the country!

We then moved to Malaysia where Rachel fell ill for a few days and we met with my sister, Mark and Ben. Then the most wonderful Melaka with its awesome hostel, beautiful street art, and relaxed vibe.

After Melaka it was Penang, an interesting night in the Jungle, a day exploring my family’s history here, and just tonnes of time walking George Town, seeing the sights and eating wonderful food.

Then a bit of burning on the beautiful but boiling perhentians, onto the cooler climate of the cameron highlands leaving as my head set on fire with the beginnings of a fever.

At the end of the last blog I mentioned going to hospital.
That night I slept okay, hot and cold all night and woke up tired but no other obvious ailments. The horrible was ache was finally gone!

We planned to go to Vietnam on the 20th so on the 19th I went back to the hospital, we had spent the morning at central market, but every movement of my head felt like a stabbing pain in my forehead, as the day went out my legs and knees, ankles and hips all started to ache and stab with pain. My eyes were sore, throat swollen and I was just knackered!

When I arrived at the hospital they took my blood, I was entirely assuming they’d call me back the next day for the results but the kind doctor told me to go get a McDonalds from accross the road and the results would be an hour or so!

In the end they took even less time! I’m pretty impressed with the system here, the doctors said this was good because it was built by the British. And whatever the reason it works! Every doctor and nurse is kind and patient. They take good care and you’re in an out in only a few hours!

So blood tests came back with low platelets. Most other things are okay but this suggests dengue, I was told to come back the next day.

We cancelled the flight to Vietnam and I have now spent the last three days taking a 30 min taxi accross KL to the hospital, having blood taken and then trying to convince a taxi to take me back.

Though the hospitals are grand, the taxis are such a mix. The majority refuse to take me to the hospital as it’s in a trafficy area, others refuse to go on the meter asking for RM60 for a journey that costs me RM10-17!
At the moment walking accross a road is exhausting me and making me hyperventilate so flagging down taxi after taxi has become a ridiculous task! I have to take a mini break between each one! But then always as you’re about to lose all hope you ask for the hospital on the meter and the driver just says a simple ‘yes’. They then often ask why I ask for the meter and are shocked that some taxis refuse meter and dont offer it automatically. The standard phrase I hear back now is that ‘it is your hair, and you’re a white woman. They will think you know nothing and want your money.’ Which is great to know! Not too much I can change about being white and female to hitch a cab!

With every test my platelets have been getting lower and lower, And I’ve now been warned if they get much lower I’ll have to be hospitalised for observation, always a fun thought.

Other than the idea of hospitalisation, most symptoms seem to be dimming down. Mild headaches, still bad joint pain but thats something I’m used to, and I’m just goosed! I’m just sleeping through my precious time in Asia!

More blood tests again tomorrow. I just wish we were in Vietnam, but that’s becoming less and less likely as the time we have to travel is decreasing and I’m just not going to be at 100% for quite a while!

Rachel has been amazing. Here I am stopping her from enjoying her trip, there’s only so much to do here and it’s not so fun on your own. I moved us to a more central hostel so it’s easier to get out and do stuff and I’m just trying not to feel too frustrated that we cant move on.

It could be worse, I’ve had worse. It just sucks, and it’s not fair on Rach!

M’off to dream about Vietnam! 🙂

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