Thailand’s Islands. (Aka bloggywog says Rachel)

So after getting discharged we headed to Ao Nang, Krabi, where unfortunately monsoon season is a bit different to that in Malaysia, it rained non stop from 1pm and the winds were strong enough to close all shops and stop all boats!

So our snorkelling trip got cancelled and we spent two days having massages, reading in cafés overlooking the sea and islands (disguised as a black cloud) and relaxed and took any moments of dry sky to wonder through the area. Even with the heavy sky the beach was beautiful, its a shame we couldn’t explore more but we had a lovely few days.

As our plan was to head to Vietnam we hadn’t really looked into Thailand too much but Rach had been before so we knew of a few places. Though most were in rainy season we ended up deciding on Ko Samui for the next stop, a small island on the east coast of Thailand.

The country is so thin that it only took us 4 hours to cross it and soon enough we’d booked into quite a new hostel just out of Chewang. A 5 minute walk to the beach and out of the party area, perfect. Of course as soon as we entered we found the other girls staying in our dorm were also from Edinburgh, they’re everywhere!!

We both had slept badly in Ao Nang, me so much so that I’d had only an hours sleep the night before then spent the 5am coach buzzing for no reason?! So after exploring Ko Samui for a few hours we came back and absolutely crashed! It was still maybe 4pm! Oops!

Over the next few days we had a beautiful beach day, a tour round the island visiting temples, view points and a mummified monk that was pretty interesting, our guide didnt speak a word of English so we didn’t really know where were or what was going on for a while but it was a good day.

In the evenings we headed to the night market where we had the most amazing food! On the first day we went with the Edinburgh girls, ending on night stroll on the beach, and the next day we invited a friend from our tour, Ally, and together we found ourselves eating the most amazing food and drinking 70baht cocktails, which turned to cocktails at a lady boy show, which then became a bar, then another bar and oops? We had a snorkelling trip booked for the next morning so maybe this wasn’t the best night to stay out but it was such a nice night! The boat trip the next day was a bit rough though!!

The next leg of the journey was to Chiang Mai where we met couch surfing for a few nights before our flight home. It turns out its actually quite a long way from the islands!!

We hopped on a coach at 12pm, and headed on a 17hour trip up to Bangkok. To be honest travelling long distances doesn’t bother me at all, so I was pretty comfortable with my music and book. We stopped off for food at midnight and then got back on the coach for the last 5 hour stint, and as we sat down one of the guys working for the bus came through checking everyone.

When he reached us he chatted for a moment and closed all our curtains and then tried to put my bag on the floor. But he did just ask, he grabbed my bag and tried to put it below the seat in front. I had the bag tied around my wrist so he didn’t get very far but he didn’t seem to accept me wanting to keep it on my lap and kept trying to move it? In the end he gave up and moved Rachel’s bag to the floor and carried on, but it all seemed a bit dodgy. And it turns out it was! At about 3am when Rachel was asleep the guy came past again and tried to take her bag. He managed to mover her blanket without waking her and then yanked at the bag, presumably to move it quickly and disappear. But as we both did, Rach had her bag wrapped around her so instead of taking her bag he just yanked Rachel’s arm and woke her. So we weren’t too pleased with the guys!

We arrived into Bangkok at 5am and hit up the 24hr McDonalds for a bite to eat and a coffee until the travel agents opened. The. We managed to book ourselves onto a last minute tour to kanchanaburi and book another night bus that evening to Chiang Mai.

Trying to find a tour that didnt include sedated tigers or badly treated elephants was really hard and our tour ended up taking us rafting at a place that kept Elephants anyway which wasn’t ideal. We didn’t really fancy giving money to a company that had Elephants chained up and hurt. But apart from that it was another great day out. We took a train down death railway, visited a war museum, (Basically a shrine to the Japanese), went out on a very touristy raft and met some other travellers. Then we got back at 8pm and by 9pm we were back on the next coach up to chiang mai!

This coach seems a LOT better, wonderful staff who are friendly and helpful, free snacks, loads of space and its a shorter journey so it should be less knackering! Only downside is I’ve left my headphones in my main bag! I feel a bit lost without my music! But its lights out and i’ma gonna sleep, hopefully I’ll wake up in Chiang Mai! 🙂

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