Chiang Mai: Part 1

We arrived in Chiang Mai at 7am, after a very good sleep on the bus, and were taken to a building for free coffee and transfers to your hostel! The woman running the show was running round and round organising people into groups, offering coffee and seemed nice but hectic!

We hadn’t actually decided where we were staying yet, we were planning to couch surf a few nights later but had arrived early. Once we got hold of some internet I found a message from Keith, the host, saying we could head over tonight which was brill but he was busy till 6pm and we’d been travelling for two days straight.

As the coach was so great we decided to use that company to head back, so we sat down with the woman who had organised everything back at the hostel she owned and booked onto the coach back, the woman called herself Mama and was just wonderful. She knew we weren’t staying but offered us free iced coffees, fed us toast, let us use her showers. She really was so kind. It was a great first impression of Chiang Mai!

After showering and chatting to Mama and booking ourselves onto a cookery course, we decided to take it easy and go to a art ‘3D picture’ museum that was meant to be fun, of course Mama drove us there because she’s an angel and we had a great day playing with these paintings, wondering into town, visiting a few temples, getting the laundry done and heading for Massages. I’ve had some great massages here but this one the woman, Aun (spelling??), absolutely went for my shoulders. Every masseuse comments on how stiff and knotted my back is but Aun spent what felt like hours on my bad shoulder and it hasn’t felt this good in a fair while! At the end of the massage I asked about her style and she turned out to be a Nurse who trained to massage people with injuries, using Thai, Swedish and oil massage. It was pretty good luck and my arm is floating on air!! πŸ™‚

In the evening Mama drove us over to the couch surfers, only 2 miles out of town and we met Keith and Noon. Keith is American and Noon from Bangkok and they’re renting a flat in Chiang Mai for a few months for massage schooling. Both of them are just lovely, really interesting people, Keith has really travelled the world, and soon enough He and Rach were in an animated discussion on Teaching English in Japan.

He also loves his beer and whiskeys which was great for me, especially when he pulled out a few drams of Ardbeg for us! Felt like home πŸ™‚

We dont really have a plan for tomorrow, but we want to find a one or two day massage class of they exist at short notice! Rach and I spoke about it a while back but we weren’t planning to be in Thailand this long, so never researched it much. But now we have a few days and it seems worth checking out! πŸ™‚

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