I wrote three blog posts on my way home.

One of our wonderful time in chiang mai

One for my Grandparents about Penang

And one about our eventful journey home

However my emails on my phone were not playing ball so I reset my account on the device entirely forgetting that because the phone wasn’t working properly, the blog posts weren’t being backed up to the interweb!


So as far as I can tell they’re now lost forever which is a shame.

But basically I had an unbelievably wonderful time in chiang mai meeting the kindest people, and then had a long and painful journey back to scotland.

I will re write the posts but I’m now back in Edinburgh and 3 hours after I arrived I was already in full swing!

I’ve got Hillwalking things to do, so many friends to meet and catch up with, a flat to move into, work to catch up on, and just general organisation is needed for university!

Busy busy busy! And I love it! 😀 I wish I was still travelling but I’m also so happy to be home and onto the next adventure!

Watch this space (though you may be watching for a wee while!) and I’l finish the blog!

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