India itinerary

This will be a relatively short post since we don’t actually have a plan for most of the trip yet… But here’s the general idea.

Given I’ve been laid out with the flu over Christmas then both Gregor and I have been out with colds and viruses it will be interesting to see how we survive our itineray!!! 😂

with intrepid travel.
  • 08/01 Edinburgh to London
  • 10/01 London to New Delhi (arrive 11th)
  • 12/01 Delhi to Jaipur
    • 25km cycle in Delhi and some sight seeing before a train
  • 13/01 Jaipur
    • Exploring the city
  • 14/01 Jaipur to Pushkar
    • 100km cycle between the two
  • 15/01 Udaipur
    • 68km cycle through the ‘venice of the east’
  • 16/01 Explore Udaipur
    • 14km cycle, temples, gardens and boats
  • 17/01 Chittorharh – Bijapur – Pangarh
    • 75km cycle ending at a campsite by the lake
  • 18/01 Bijapur
    • 17km cycle
  • 19/01 Bundi
    • 70km through Brahmin houses and to the palace
  • 20/01 Rathambhore national park
    • 70km to the best place to see tigers in the wild
  • 21/01 Rathambhore national park
    • A day on safari (eek)
  • 22/01 Madhogarth
    • 31km
  • 23/01 Agra
    • Taj Mahal, Agra fort
  • 24/01 return to Delhi
  • 26/01 Delhi to Rishikesh by coach (all trains are cancelled!!)

01/04 Mumbai to London

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