We have arrived!

*wordpress is randomly uploading other photos when I try and add them. Apologies. I will fix another time*

It was a good flight over, we gave ourselves the standard 3 hours before departure at the airport and were through security and baggage in about 20 minutes!

We managed to swag the seats at the back of the plane which are in twos rather than threes so it’s been a very comfortable flight, first to get food and drink and Tbh not too much disturbance from people heading to the toilet.

Bhindi for dinner (mum you’d have been impressed – not slimey and very tasty!) Then a reasonably good sleep.

It’s now 1:30am in the UK, but 7am in Delhi so we’re having masala dosa for breakfast and hitting the caffeine hard.

I have no idea when this will send – presumably when we get WiFi or an Indian sim… We’ve got a lift booked to the hotel (Taj Princess) and then a chance to mooch around until we all meet in the evening and the adventure can start!

Notes from our AWESOME Aberdonian air hostess:

Taj hotel opposite gate of India has excellent afternoon tea for Ā£30 (in Mumbai)

Hydribad – hillbilly

Madras yay

I’m a southern softie šŸ˜‘

For mum: After failing to find a card for Grandma that didn’t say happy birthday or congratulations I still have my Alexa instructions to post to her, I guess she’ll be getting an Indian stamp!

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