Exploring Jaipur (day 3 of CR)

Sorry about the spelling, spellcheck doesn’t work when there’s no internet and this keyboard is small!

No cycling today, instead we got up earlyish and headed out to the Jaipur Observatory, home to the largest sun clock in the world!

This place is amazing. Back in the 1700s Jai Singh II began to build all sorts of instruments to find the time, find the current Zodiac sign, find tilt and roation of the earth. All out of stone!

First to be built was a long slanted pice of stone at precisely 27degrees, the latitude of Jaipur. Therefore the stone plane is parallel to the tangent of the equator directly south of it. And this stone points directly to the north star.

The sun clocks then also had stones at the same angle, the sun hitting one side in the morning, one in the evening. The first one we saw was accurate to 20 seconds. Clearly this was not enough because then the second was built, it’s absolutely huge, and is accurate to 2 seconds!

There was a bit of a nerd fest going. First we’d all guess what an instrument did, then later the guide would explain how wrong we were!

From there we moved on to see the Amber Fort, a huge fort that used to be in Amer, until Amer became part of Jaipur. The king had 12 apartments at the top, one for each wife, beautiful marble cut shutters, and a whole section carved and painted with pieces of mirror. It was stunning. The Jaipur rulers got on well with the Mughals so the fort was never invaded leaving everything in great condition.

Can you spot me and Gregor?

Then a walk round old town, an INSANE tuk tuk ride back to the hotel.

Then our guide Bhupesh took us for a lovely evening meal on a roof top overlooking a temple and a fort and an early night to prepare for 100km ride tomorrow! We were also warned by the owner of the hotel to wear scarves, as it’s the Kite Festival tomorrow and there is a hight chance of being garrotted! 🤣

Mum its fine, we drive 2hrs away before we start cycling!

Gregor and I already feel we could come back to Jaipur and explore more, we loved it!

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    1. I’ve got the same one… It’s gained a few annoying habits though! Every so often when I try to zoom in it starts recording 😦 and I’ve had a bit of trouble uploading!


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