To Udaipur (Day 5 of CR)

Another 7am brekka, on the bikes by 7:30 for a 68km leg.

In the words of Bhupesh, our guide, the start of the trip was undulating. Lots of off-road (though they claim it is a road) sections and a fair few motorbikes as we left the town.

We’re sticking together for the busy sections, which means a very slow pace, but once we’re on clear roads you can really enjoy the ride! Same as the day before, beautiful scenery and amazing little villages or towns.

We had a long wait opposite these guys house so I walked over and said hi, they then came over to us, very timidly, and stood with us for a while, the girl with pigtails could not stop giggling!

We stopped for Chai in Pisanger, a small town with busy streets and colour everywhere. As we cycled through the streets women were running out with their babies and toddlers and making them wave, again, everyone is lovely.

Entering pisanger

Cows generally just walk past us, however after passing a large herd of cows and goats I looked back to find a bull charging after us… I don’t mind cows here. But back home I am terrified of them. The fear returned and I was shouting to the group that it was following us. Next thing I was overtaking the group shouting about the cow as it then also over took the group and I was sure it was going to chase me forever. Then it went into a field. I was covered in mud (I’d stopped caring about puddles) and filled with adrenaline. The rest of the group didn’t seem too bothered! I believe Stuart had the whole thing on his GoPro, so that should be interesting to see!!

By midday we were back in the bus, we had a 4.5hr drive to Udaipur (samosas for lunch) and found ourselves in a stunning hotel, marble floors and big arches. As our guide said, think marigold hotel.

Aloo Jeera for dinner and then bed. Tomorrow is just 20km then visiting the old town so we get half an hour lie in, yay!