Old Udaipur (Day 6 of CR)

We had an excellent day exploring Udaipur after cycling into the old town. There are huge lakes all over the area which caused the king to move his palace here. The royal family are still in residence at the back of the palace and we were allowed to explore the front.

It’s a stunning place, in pretty good condition, with small golden suns and intricate glass art. The steps and archways are all uneven, turning and at different heights to make it difficult to raid and attack and the corridors are a maze.

After our mosey round the palace we had an afternoon in Udaipur old town, I had my palm read (I will live to 82, I have a weak love line -sorry Gregor- I am a great teacher and can go far in education, I’m a worrier and sensitive, I will have 2 girls), had some lunch, and found ourselves outside a beautiful fabric shop.

The guy outside said it was fine to go in even if we didn’t buy anything, so we did, shoes off at the door and into a little magic room. The colours were amazing, cotton, cashmere, silk. Wall hangings that were very hard to not buy, and any type of trouser you could ask for. We got chatting to the shop keeper, it had been his dad’s before his. They use zussi machines and overlockers, and another Indian brand that I can’t remember the name of. Once we got talking he showed us all round his shop, to see the ceremonial head ‘pillows’ for the mother of the bride to wear as she walks into the bride’s new home, casting if off behind her as she enters, amazing rugs, and a beautiful piece of material that I wish I had a photo of! Hundreds of years old, with tassles made with shells round the outside, instead of mirrors, it had 30 or so prices of glass hand sewn into it (each taking 2-4 hours to stitch in)

We’ve got his card and he posts to the UK. 🙂

Then a boat ride round the lake, and onto a rooftop resteraunt for souvlaki! (It’s quite a touristy place)

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