To Pangarh then to Bijaipur (Day 7 & 8 of CR)

We started the day with a 50km ride from Udaipur, as there were quite a few directions to be given so we generally rode as a group meaning a very leasiurely pace. It really was just a warm up for the afternoon.

After the first ride, we popped in a minibus and headed to a truck stop cafe for Aloo jeers, daal, and a local dish (chana tomat? I need to get the name again). We all are a tonne, then remembered we had another 25km to go!!

The first part of the second ride was a 3km climb, 300m ascent. I am very proud to say I came 4th! Dave, the Aussie with legs of steel, came first of course, then Chris, the Swiss who used to do mountain bike races with 3000m ascents!! Then Gregor, and then me 🙂

Everyone who attempted the hill made it, and we all felt pretty good after! Then another 20km or so of mainly flat and downhill through the most gorgeous terrain. An excellent day.

Then we were quickly back in the bus as we had to get to our accomodation before sunset. Why? Because we are staying in permeant tents by a lake, and the drive down to the shore was insane – the bus driver got a round of applause afterwards.

We arrived to drums playing and each given a flower, and spent the evening sat by a fire pit and eating excellent food (there’s a theme here)

We woke up next morning to the most beautiful view, a calm lake with kingfishers, storks?, We don’t know our birds, but we do know it was pretty.

Then a 17km cycle into Bijaipur where we were greeted with drums, garland necklaces and led into Bijaipur fort, 350 years old, and has been accomodation for about 25.

This was our rest day

So I booked a massage and sat on a swing by the pool. We climbed up to the turrets of the fort, watched the town, then were around a fire pit for drinks at 6, then dinner around 7. I made friends with one of the waiters, after saying Danyevvad (thank you) to him, and he then spent the meal teaching me more Hindi and Urdu. I was pretty shocking, but we’re getting there!

Tomorrow is another early start for another 70km staring from the fort. 🙂

One thought on “To Pangarh then to Bijaipur (Day 7 & 8 of CR)

  1. Well done on the hill! It sounds like you’re having an amazing time. The tour seems really good!

    I’m not going to lie, I laughed a lot the other day when I read the post about you getting chased by a cow. It must have been terrifying but it was a funny image 🤣


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