To Bundi (Day 9 of CR tour)

Started the day with an excellent gravelly climb, then another long climb later in the day. Passing through many herds of cows, travelling families and villages full of screaming children racing out to meet us.

We arrived into Bundi around midday and after lunch and shower headed out into the town.

It’s quite a loud place, lots of horns used, probably one of the mostodern areas we’ve seen, everyone in jeans, selling things in plastic or made of plastic… The plastic is an issue.

We took a look at a 300 year old step well made to give clean water to the town, these days it is filled with litter, we spent the entire walk removing kite strings from our feet and the pigs we’re curled up in piles of rubbish.

It was quite sad really. And clearly a big problem.

After the walk we headed over to our guides friends house (who happened to also own the hotel we’re in, and run the guided tours) where his wife and neighbours had cooked us dinner.

Until recently there has been 4 generations hete, Jogi, his father, his grandfather and his son. His grandfather died at 97! A few years back and alowly the family have split over two properties as their respective sons grow older.

After a tour of his house, and his wife’s bangle cupboard (where all his earnings go apparently!) I spent some time with Rubia, his wife, in the kitchen helping make the chipatis. (Mum she had a marble slab just like yours) Then we all set for dinner.

Basmati with Aloo and Gobi, carrot and pea curry, aubergine curry, Chan’s soup and pickles. Oh and my excellent chipatti.

Our hosts did not touch the food, we were encouraged to have seconds and thirds. Once we left, our guide stayed behind and they all are together.

It was a lovely experience and very kind of them to let us into their home.

We didn’t have time for the palace today so we’re doing it tomorrow morning before our 60km cycle.

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