Asia 2014


Sorry, I wrote three blog posts on my way home. One of our wonderful time in chiang mai One for my Grandparents about Penang And one about our eventful journey home However my emails on my phone were not playing ball so I reset my account on the device entirely forgetting that because the phone … Continue reading Numptey

Chiang Mai: Part 1

We arrived in Chiang Mai at 7am, after a very good sleep on the bus, and were taken to a building for free coffee and transfers to your hostel! The woman running the show was running round and round organising people into groups, offering coffee and seemed nice but hectic! We hadn’t actually decided where … Continue reading Chiang Mai: Part 1

We’re free!

I’m officially discharged! Yay! To celebrate we’re flying outta KL tomorrow and heading to Krabi, Thailand. The plan was to go to Vietnam but though I’m free I’m moving at a snails pace! (Very frustrating!) and Vietnam is quite a fast paced place and I think being unable to spend a full day out would … Continue reading We’re free!


MY NEW FAVOURITE NUMBER! 103 103 103 103


(And yes helena I do now have ‘carry on my wayward son’ caught in my head) We had an amazing first week in Cambodia, both Rach and I have been saying non-stop that we need to go back there and really spend some time there. One week really was just the smallest of a glimpse … Continue reading THE ROAD SO FAR…

The Pearl of the Orient

After our interesting adventure in the Jungle we were happy to be heading back into George Town, Penang where both my sister and Mark were now staying. We had a hostel in mind that we wanted to stay in, it was close to Emma’s hotel and in the centre of town. Clockwise hostel was on … Continue reading The Pearl of the Orient


Sorry – I have so many posts to add! But the internet on my phone here (cameron Highlands) is a bit shoddy! Expect news soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stranded in the Jungle

*I edited this and then my wonderful phone decided it wasn’t worth saving so sorry if this doesn’t make sense! I will try find time to edit again later!* I think the best way to tell this is from the beginning through to the end, written from the point of view we had at that … Continue reading Stranded in the Jungle

Beers and Bedbugs!

The 7 hour coach to Penang was easy enough, we got dropped off on the mainland and managed to catch a ferry at sunset over to the island, picking up a lost traveller on the way -Andreas. As we were only here one night then off into the jungle we had booked our hostel simply … Continue reading Beers and Bedbugs!


We arrived sunday evening into Melaka and headed straight for the hostel where it turned out I’d got my dates mixed up and booked us in the following night! Oops! The woman was absolutely wonderful though and stuck us in a 2 bed room. ๐Ÿ™‚ We dropped our bag and headed straight out to Jonkers … Continue reading MELAKA!

My first Temples

Monday We had a tuk tuk booked in the morning to take us around Angkor at a really reasonable price but he couldn’t make it (I’m guessing he got a better offer) and therefore sent his friend. Unfortunately he wasn’t as friendly and we lost our good price, after a bit of haggling we went … Continue reading My first Temples

Butterflies and Landmines

After a late start and a hot hot night we headed out to haggle with a tuk tuk driver and visit the Landmine Museum. We were surprisingly fine with the heat and decided the none air conned room must have caused us to acclimatise faster! True or not it made the day a lot nicer. … Continue reading Butterflies and Landmines

Kantha Bopha

We arrived in Siem Reap mid-thunder-storm at around 6:30 pm to a crazy looking hostel. Its a pretty basic room, with mozzie nets and a fan but it works fine for us! We just threw our bags down, locked up valuables and then headed straight out to find a tuk tuk to take us to … Continue reading Kantha Bopha

First Stop – Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok midday on Thursday after 16 hours of travelling and 23 hours after we left home. The flight was once again good – can happily watch back to back episodes of Supernatural! Though the baby behind us crying did put a stop to any real plans of sleep. Once at the airport … Continue reading First Stop – Bangkok

Bangkok in a day

After a slow start on friday we headed out towards the pier for a day down the river. I’m pretty chuffed at how quickly we learnt our way around the area, and then managed to survive without map and didn’t get lost once ๐Ÿ™‚ To be fair though we did have the help of our … Continue reading Bangkok in a day

Testing post

So we’ve made it to Dubai in one piece! The flight vover ws wonderful ~ Captai America The Winter Soldier, then Divergent(both awesome by the way) and then Rach and I discovered Upernatural season 8! All in all we couldn’t complain! We’re hading to the terminal for the next flight now after a 3 hour … Continue reading Testing post