India 2020


It’s hot. We’ve written some drafts. New posts will arrive when we have consistent AC or temperatures below 34°c

Going to Goa

We arrived in Goa and we’re immediately hit by the heat and the humidity. And then we realised that we’d moved states. And I mean we really noticed a change. Gone we’re the small streets and dusty dry roads. It was humid, and it was a jungle. Palm trees and this Tarzan style vines covering … Continue reading Going to Goa

Jaipur (again)

The train from Lucknow to Jaipur was a sleeper train in name only. It was our first trip in sleeper class (no air con and much cheaper than the luxurious 3A or 2A classes). We boarded shortly after midnight and crawled into our respective bunks fairly knackered and ready to pass out. Some of the … Continue reading Jaipur (again)

The pink city cooking class.

We woke up in our Jaipur hostel feeling a lot more rested than the previous day, even though our Indian room mates enjoy 2am phone calls and loud conversations! We also discovered that the usual bathroom queueing system that has worked in every other hostel is not the case with Indian hostellers. I may be … Continue reading The pink city cooking class.


We boarded our train from Varanasi to Lucknow at 2 pm on the 12th. As is the way with Indian trains we proceeded to sit in the station for another 20 minutes before pulling out of the station only to pull back in 15 minutes later to allow another train to disembark on our platform. … Continue reading Lucknow


Our first day in Varanasi started with a nap. After brekka we’d gone up to get ready for the day and I had completely crashed out whilst Gregor patiently googled hotels. Once I’d resurfaced we went for a wonder. Varanasi is like no where else we’ve been. The Indians also say it is unique. When … Continue reading Varanassi

Our first sleeper train.

When we booked trains to varanasi there were no beds left on any of the trains, so we booked onto the waiting list for two, Friday and Saturday. This was before we realised you can only book 6 journeys a month!! As I do, I had downloaded every train app I could find, as each … Continue reading Our first sleeper train.

3 days yoga retreat

Given we were in Rishikesh, I felt we had to do some yoga at some point. After a good ol’ Google I’d discovered 3 day yoga retreats and managed to convince Gregor that it was a good idea. The first retreat I emailed got back to me quickly and asked that I ring one of … Continue reading 3 days yoga retreat


After continued failed attempts to get an Uber from Haridwar to Rishikesh we finally made it to our hostel for about midday. Haridwar was incredibly busy and lively and we were the only westerners there. Rishikesh is very different. Well, Tapovan, the very northern tip of Rishikesh where all the yoga and tourists go. The … Continue reading Rishikesh


We started our first day on our own without someone telling us how to do stuff with a walk around the Karol Bagh Market where we spent our first morning in india 2 weeks ago. We’ve both become more used to the Indian’s approach to trying to sell us stuff although the market was a … Continue reading Haridwar


I know I’m behind on blog posts (blame the belly) but we’ve just said goodbye to our tour group. It had been an incredible two weeks, with an incredible group of people and we’re sad to leave them behind! Our guide, Bhupesh, has been outstanding. An incredible source of knowledge and humour, and a real … Continue reading Goodbyes

To Bundi (Day 9 of CR tour)

Started the day with an excellent gravelly climb, then another long climb later in the day. Passing through many herds of cows, travelling families and villages full of screaming children racing out to meet us. We arrived into Bundi around midday and after lunch and shower headed out into the town. It’s quite a loud … Continue reading To Bundi (Day 9 of CR tour)

Old Udaipur (Day 6 of CR)

We had an excellent day exploring Udaipur after cycling into the old town. There are huge lakes all over the area which caused the king to move his palace here. The royal family are still in residence at the back of the palace and we were allowed to explore the front. It’s a stunning place, … Continue reading Old Udaipur (Day 6 of CR)

To Udaipur (Day 5 of CR)

Another 7am brekka, on the bikes by 7:30 for a 68km leg. In the words of Bhupesh, our guide, the start of the trip was undulating. Lots of off-road (though they claim it is a road) sections and a fair few motorbikes as we left the town. We’re sticking together for the busy sections, which … Continue reading To Udaipur (Day 5 of CR)

Exploring Jaipur (day 3 of CR)

Sorry about the spelling, spellcheck doesn’t work when there’s no internet and this keyboard is small! No cycling today, instead we got up earlyish and headed out to the Jaipur Observatory, home to the largest sun clock in the world! This place is amazing. Back in the 1700s Jai Singh II began to build all … Continue reading Exploring Jaipur (day 3 of CR)

We have arrived!

*wordpress is randomly uploading other photos when I try and add them. Apologies. I will fix another time* It was a good flight over, we gave ourselves the standard 3 hours before departure at the airport and were through security and baggage in about 20 minutes! We managed to swag the seats at the back … Continue reading We have arrived!

India itinerary

This will be a relatively short post since we don’t actually have a plan for most of the trip yet… But here’s the general idea. Given I’ve been laid out with the flu over Christmas then both Gregor and I have been out with colds and viruses it will be interesting to see how we … Continue reading India itinerary