Scotland 2014

End of the road 😦

We arrived at Jaz’s pretty late in the evening and were greeted by our wonderful friend and 3 cold beers. It was so nice to end the trip this way, chilling in Jaz’s absolutely crazy shed/bedroom/pad with trippy fairy lights, beer and wine.I dont think there’s much more to say than we had a lovely … Continue reading End of the road 😦

Send Help!

3 students are stuck in a tent on South Harris and are surrounded by midges.Seriously this is horrible! It’s not raining but it sounds like it is due to the sheer number of midges hitting the tent! Cooking dinner was an absolute mission and every time i put a hand out the tent it came … Continue reading Send Help!

To Harris!

After a slow start his morning – Callum really didn’t want to get up! We packed up our kit and headed to the cafe next to the ferry port along with the guys we were leaving today. I dont think I realised just how much I needed a cup of coffee and a sausage roll … Continue reading To Harris!

Dougs Birthday

Today the plan was to head to the base of Aval? (Will check names when I’m home!)We basically had gorgeous weather and headed along some beautiful tracks toward the east coast of Uist!We stopped off at a cafe just out of Howmore and bumped into the group i hillwalkers cycling the isle in the other … Continue reading Dougs Birthday

Barra to South Uist

We had a wonderfully leisurely morning as the rain was pounding on our tent and we refused to leave!We had a ferry to catch at 4 ish from Barra to Eriskay and tonnes if time, however we hadn’t really cycled together at this point and for all we knew we’d be cycling at 5km an … Continue reading Barra to South Uist

Quick Blog 🙂

Bit tiredVery tannedNice to see douggles and friendsSo far my bike hasn’t broken though the rain has meant my brakes dont always workOh and 3rd gear is playing up.We’re faffing like crazy and the hills are pretty gruelling, but we’re now going with the wind so yay!Pub stop right now, low on battery and will … Continue reading Quick Blog 🙂

Fort William to Oban!

We headed into fort William on saturday morning to pick up a few last bits and bobs and then headed on our way out of the city. This was by far the busiest road I’d ever cycled in so we stuck close together and took it easy.Most lorries as caravans were great at overtaking us, … Continue reading Fort William to Oban!

Faff Day!

We managed to spend an entire morning lounging around at the bothy, the weather was gorgeous so we say out in the garden with breakfast and cuddles whilst our still dirty laundry hung over the walls. (I think we need something stronger than travel wash to get the marsh land out of my socks!) We … Continue reading Faff Day!

All the other Fannichs!

We spent yes day night at the base of our walk over the last 4 Fannichs and had a surprisingly good sleep! I think I was in bed by maybe 9?The next morning we packed away slower than we probably should have, had brekka and headed up Beinn Liath Mhor on a long and relatively … Continue reading All the other Fannichs!

Stac Pollaidh

We met with the other 4 hillwalkers and Jaz’s friend at 9am tuesday. (It was meant to be 8:30 but we were late – the camping spot was just too pretty!!!)The ascent up to the saddle of the hill was a bit gruelling as the weather was phenomenal! Blue skies wonderful sun, and too much … Continue reading Stac Pollaidh

Sunsets and Beaches

So we ended up spending Monday driving down to Loch Inver, getting MORE pies, and then eating them over at achmelvich beach in not so grand weather!There was a spattering of rain for the majority of time we were there which put a small downer on the pies. With the tide in we also had … Continue reading Sunsets and Beaches

Loch Inver to Tongue

We woke up on friday to the attack of the midges, camping near the river is never a great idea!The whole day was planned around getting pies for lunch an then heading up to to gue so we basically set off in the direction of a castle to fill a few hours.It was wet and … Continue reading Loch Inver to Tongue

Thursday standing rock ullapool view Achmelvich nice midgey camping will update late

Wednesday Faff Day

After a pretty rough night on the side of the road we decided to spend the next day faffing and just working out our plans for the next week. All our gear was sodding wet as were our tents! Therefore we found a cosy spot in a cafe in Ullapool and spend an afternoon grabbing … Continue reading Wednesday Faff Day

5 Fannichs

After camping at the bottom of the hills, (and having a wonderful sunset followed by a dry night) we set off at 7am to climb 5 of the Fannichs.After only 4k or so we realised that Apryl hadn’t found the bag of chocolate we’d prepared for the day! The idea of a long day with … Continue reading 5 Fannichs

Creag Meagidh

We woke up to a wet tent after non stop down pours over the night!The upper is fine but the ground sheet apparently didn’t like being waterproof and flooded us in out sleep!The plan was to do the Craig Meagaidh range as the weather was meant to be slightly better to the north east, and … Continue reading Creag Meagidh