South America 2011

Oh Chelsea

After the disaster that was my last blog, things took a turn for the better after a lovely night in Trujillo we woke up and sorted out our plan for the day. There was quite a bit of discussion over what to do as there were a few options. – Visit the Royal Tombs of … Continue reading Oh Chelsea

The start of the tour

The Sunday we had in Quito was the first day of our tour, but it didn’t start till the evening so me Jenni and Dan headed to the old town to look around, we spent some time looking around all the small streets (why is every shop a shoe shop!?) and headed to the main … Continue reading The start of the tour


Oh my word, this boat was amazing, the rooms were fantastic, the food was so good, everybody on board was lovely, I couldn’t have asked for anything better!     When we got on the boat we were greeted by Tanya the tour guide who sat us down at this lovely table outside on the … Continue reading The BEAGLE

What to doooooo!

After the last post we finally decided to go to Tortuga and guess what, it rained again…     So I felt a bit bad as Armi’s experience of this amazing lagoon was a bit dulled down by the weather and the mozzys but we still had a good laugh, neither of us wanted to … Continue reading What to doooooo!

Kiss from a Jellyfish!

Okay so we met Tim, Jo and the girls at 6 ish at Casablanca, it was happy hour and over time our table just got bigger and bigger as people we knew joined us as well as a guy named George (lonesome George) an English guy who was sailing for a millionaire and his family … Continue reading Kiss from a Jellyfish!


So Wednesday morning me and Armi got up for breakfast at 7, I was sharing a room with a Canadian girl called Kate and Armi was at the other side of the building, after breakfast we got told to stay in the kitchen as we were making lunch at 10 so there was no point … Continue reading Cesar!!

Cristobal 🙂

Okay so lets see, Monday afternoon I arrived at Bambu Cafe and met up with Daniel who took me to the port for my boat to San Cristobal… I don’t actually know what was going on but there seemed to be a lot of people waiting and no boats and 15 min later two boats … Continue reading Cristobal 🙂

Nice Slice of Rice

Okay so I wrote a blog last week and ´the Internet cafes Internet died on me before I could send it so I don’t know if I have time to re write the whole thing so here´s a shorter version I’ll update later… So Thursday morning I woke up extra early so that I could … Continue reading Nice Slice of Rice

Loco Loco Locooooo 🙂

Okay so Tuesday was defiantly a fail day, Wednesday we went out again for LADIES NIGHT! (Man I’m gonna miss that!) That was a pretty fun night, made a Japanese friend we couldn’t get rid of, danced and danced and danced and took lots of pictures, Rianne made a friend who for the next three … Continue reading Loco Loco Locooooo 🙂

Fail Day!

Okay so today was Fail Day. The Day started out well, we went to school with a plan to have classes, get a bite to eat, and then go to Salsa Classes at the School… Classes are meant to finish at 12:30 but Jenni´s finished ten minutes late so we only had 20 min before … Continue reading Fail Day!

Los hombres correos…

So that’s basically all the Spanish I knew before I got here (and itsprettygramaticallyincorect! ) and after 5 minutes of pure agony in a cafe I managed to order a drink ask forthewi fi code and ask for a menu. Woo! You guys proud?haha   So Miami to Quito…   By this point I was … Continue reading Los hombres correos…

I’m in Miamy babyyy!

Okay so first of all just to say I’m writing this on my kindle so apologies for the lack of punctuation (not that it was my strong point anyway!) right now I’m sat in sunny Miami airport waiting for my connection flight to Quito. So got on the plane after a ridiculously early start (at … Continue reading I’m in Miamy babyyy!

In 5 days time

So I think I’ve got nearly everything now… I just need one of those pacsafe camera/passport etc holder, seems sensible Mum and me went shopping for everything yesterday and well, I think we may have over done it… Bless mum, she’s obviously worried about me going and we were both having little panics about what … Continue reading In 5 days time


Okay Guys, so this is my travel journal thing…     The plan is to keep this updated and my mum far away from a panic attack, 🙂   I’m not great at writing things like this and I’ve never done a blog so bear with me and we’ll see how this goes, I’m basically … Continue reading Testing…