To Bundi (Day 9 of CR tour)

Started the day with an excellent gravelly climb, then another long climb later in the day. Passing through many herds of cows, travelling families and villages full of screaming children racing out to meet us. We arrived into Bundi around midday and after lunch and shower headed out into the town. It's quite a loud … Continue reading To Bundi (Day 9 of CR tour)

Cycling Jaipur to Pushkar (Day 4 of CR)

Well, from 2hrs out of Jaipur, to Pushkar. Today was awesome. 7am breakfast, 7:30 in the van Cycling at 9:30. It turns out india can be cold! I'm glad I'd read someone else's blog about this trip, as she had suggested a bit of winter gear, and bib shorts with thermals was just right for … Continue reading Cycling Jaipur to Pushkar (Day 4 of CR)

Exploring Jaipur (day 3 of CR)

Sorry about the spelling, spellcheck doesn't work when there's no internet and this keyboard is small! No cycling today, instead we got up earlyish and headed out to the Jaipur Observatory, home to the largest sun clock in the world! This place is amazing. Back in the 1700s Jai Singh II began to build all … Continue reading Exploring Jaipur (day 3 of CR)